Sunday, April 22, 2012

Confidence Level: Asian

I always believe that I have a great voice.

Yes, seriously.

Back in 2002, my adviser handpicked me to represent our section for our school’s singing contest. Together with my partner, we practiced almost every day. We sang Regine Velasquez’ Ulan. The contest went smoothly but we didn’t win, unfortunately. I even blamed my partner for our loss because she didn’t hit the right notes. Good thing she was a sport; I wasn’t.

Back in college, we always had this ‘karaoke night’ after our exams. I always pick those powerful songs like Bed of Roses, Sweet Child of Mine, Can You Feel the Love Tonight and It’s All Coming Back To Me Now; I've always wanted to try hitting those high notes. My brain thinks that I can do it but my diaphragm can’t. I thought that I was just too stressed out with my academics thus the inability of hitting those high notes. #indenial

A few months ago, I got bored. I was browsing some cool videos on YouTube and found a karaoke version of Adele’s Someone Like You. I’ve always wondered how I’d sound. So, I recorded a video of myself. Frankly speaking, I sang my heart out. Yung tipong feel na feel mo na ang kanta. Yeah, something like that. I thought that my performance was truly astounding.

Then I replayed the video. What the flying fuck. Watching myself belting those high notes was a misery. The video sucked cow’s balls. OKAY. My voice sucked cow’s balls. It dawned on me that I will never be a good singer. The video was so horrible that I didn’t bother finishing it. Autodeleteactivatenow! I bet my secret performance would insult Adele BIG TIME. Lol.

My beautiful drawing of Adele, singing Someone Like You

But who cares? See also: Anne Curtis.

I won’t stop singing Bed of Roses on karaoke, btw.


  1. voice lesson lang ang katapat ana Renz! well.. patudlo sa Musikademy where you'll shine like the brightest star in the galaxy! :D (promote? haha!)

  2. "See also: Anne Curtis."

    Hahahaha! :D