Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Day When I Butchered My Hair

A good head of hair is often called a crowning glory. Aside from giving us physical protection from heat and pressure, our hair defines our personality; who we are as a person. Some people whom I personally know even spent millions... lol just kidding... a LOT just to maintain their desired hairstyle. Talking about vanity. But truth is, your ugly when your hair's a mess (in a bad way) no matter how symmetrically perfect your face is.


Just recently, I made a huge mistake...

Stress was still inside my system even a few days after an event last summer. I didn't anticipate that I would deal with such tremendous tasks! Not that I'm not complaining; I was just caught off guard by the workload. Anyway, you know what stress do to one's mind, right?

I went to the barbershop to have my haircut. It was not my favorite shop thus I ended up dissatisfied with the finished product. Deym, I thought that I've wasted Php 130! But I eventually got over it. Hours later, I noticed that my beard's getting thicker. I went to the department store and wooh-la! I saw this electric shaver and I immediately bought it! Ahhhh... the things you do when you're stressed!

When I went home, I tried my newly bought Philips electric dry shaver. It was good. It did clean my face but my attention went back to my badly-chopped hair. Screw manong barbero for that awful cut! Ughhh, anyway, I used the electric shaver para at least mapantay yung side.

Brrrrrrrrt... brrrrrrrrrrrt..... krrrrrrrrrt..... krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Oops, di pantay, ulitin nga... Brrrrrrrttttt. Krrrrrrrrt... Kkkkkrrrrrrrrrt. Ugh, di naman pantay sa kabilang side! Krrrrrrrrrrttttttt... Brrrrrrrtttttttt.. Krrrrrrtttttt... Ugghhh! Di nanaman pantay sa kabila! Krrrrrrrrrrtttt... Bbbbrrrrrrttttt... Brrrrrrttttt...

To cut a long story short, naging kamukha ko na si Bert ng Sesame Street!

At first I found it cool. In fact after posting it on Facebook, it gained a lot of comments and likes. But soon after reading the reactions of my friends, it dawned on me that what I did was a social suicide. I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!!! DAMN. FACEPALM ONE MILLION TIMES. /LEFTANDRIGHTWRISTPLUSJUGULARVEIN!

"Renz, anyare?!", said friend number one.
"Renz, may pinagdadaanan ka ba?", asked friend number two.
"Wow, photoshop?", asked my feeling close friend.
"Wow Renz! Cool! Anong app yan?", asked my best friend.

Wish it was JUST an app! O_O

Even my family made fun of my new hairdo. My father even teased me almost every minute!

"Hey Bert! How's your show?"
"Hey Bert! Pa-autograph naman!"

Worse, I had a wedding to attend in less than 10 days! PANIC! Those were the darkest moments of my life (charut). I even wished that a rewind/undo button exists in real life! If only I could turn back time!


But in fairness to my genes (ehem), my hair grows so fast. Two days after I butchered my hair, I went to the nearest barbershop to repair the damage. Five days after the repair, my hair looked something like this:

Well, that's it.

The moral lesson of the story is to avoid any sharp objects whenever I am stressed-out.

I might butcher my eyebrows.



  1. Hahaha! I did the same mistake with my bangs before. Good luck on the wedding!!! ;)

  2. I never thought of having that kind of haircut... but maybe someday, I will! Just have to buff up or what first. Haha! And I'm thinking your hairdo will grow into this Adam Levine hairdo in a month or two. :D

  3. look like bert..

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    You look adorable on the last pic. So adam levine.. Keep smiling. :)


  5. i got new bangs...and yes, me too. welcome to the club :P