Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jan 30th

I can't think of a creative title, so pardon with the uncreative one.

So much of keeping a promise of updating this blog more often, even just for one post per week. I had so many things in my mind right now, but I'd rather keep it inside and just let it pass. Nope, nothing serious, that's all.

Anyway to keep myself busy, I've been reading books, watching new tv shows, and catching up with sleep. Yep, I sometimes lack sleep whenever I'm in day shift. It really is difficult for me to sleep before 10PM and the next thing I need to accomplish is to wake up at 4:10AM the following day. I was never a morning person, well until now. The only thing that compromises this shit is the beautiful sunrise that I always see every morning. Unless if the weather's fucked up.

I have to admit that my interest in politics (American politics to be exact) had grown exponentially (yes, big word), all thanks to House of Cards. Damn, Kevin Spacey's so good! He's one of the few American actors that I admire the most. Can't wait to finish the first three seasons! The fourth season will air this March. Can't also wait for #HTGAWM too.

Speaking of work, my boss gave me an additional work, he assigned me as one of the training officers of our facility. I honestly do not want it because I never had the patience to teach people, regardless of the circumstances. But I just realized that the boss gave me that assignment because he completely trusted my skills as a rated air traffic controller. I don't know, maybe because he observed how I handle heavy air traffic - my control techniques, quick action, and the way separate and sequence air traffic in the MOST expeditious way without compromising the separation procedures mandated by ICAO. Well, I'll just consider it as a challenge, and also a way to distract myself from those things that don't even deserve my attention at all.

I haven't had bought my return flight from Taipei. But I'll buy one right after payday. Haha! I can no longer contain my excitement. Fast forward to March 19 please! Taiwan, please be good to us! :D

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