Thursday, May 06, 2010

Freshmen Orientation Blues

I went to school to facilitate the Freshmen Orientation here in UP Mindanao. So the program went well although there were some minor technical glitches during the presentation of different facilities of the school.

I together with my colleagues (in USC) were talking about something when suddenly a mother sat beside us and interrupted our conversation. Talking about being rude. So anyway, these were the exact words:

"Alam niyo ba, yung mga anak ko galing sa (insert name of local school here) at nakapagtataka talaga mga speakers niyo. Diba UP dapat super magagaling ang mga speakers! Dapat they should have an eye contact sa amin. Eh napapansin ko eh parang hindi masyado interested ang mga tao rito... Nakakahiya [sic] kasi sa mga students eh lahat ng mga students dito mga honor students!"

So we explained our side.

Even the BEST speakers in the world have their own flaws too. What you are trying to insinuate is impossible Ma'am. Also, in fairness to the facilitators they were not boring. As you can see this morning, a lot of parents and a few students raised their questions regarding the lifestyle in UP. It is clearly evident that majority of the audience were interested. Speaking of eye contact, I can really say that they are talking to the AUDIENCE and not in front of their PowerPoint Presentation. They are professionals and they're already used to this kind of things.

Apparently she got pwned by our answers. Still, she keeps on blabbing the same thing and we just stopped talking to her.

There were two questions in my mind at that time, but I opted not to ask her because I think it's very rude despite her approach to us.

Are you a UP graduate? (or worse, are you even a high school graduate?)
Do you have an expertise in the field of speech communication?

Even if she answered YES to both questions, she's still wrong. First, she was rude. She didn't even bother to say "excuse me" before she raised her 'concern'. Second she wasn't listening to us at all. So it was useless to defend our side, knowing that she won't listen. I know for a fact that the two aforementioned questions were rude but she was insulting us.

I do NOT have any problems when people want to raise their concerns, questions and suggestions to us. It's just the way she approached us was really wrong. If her approach was nice, then I won't be writing this for sure.

PS: Tangina lang, kaya naiinis talaga ako kasi nagugutooooom na ako tapos gagaguhin ka pa. JIRITS.

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