Tuesday, May 04, 2010

An Old Brat

I have already enough of this old brat. It looks like the dirty, rich old man is mad about Jobert Sucaldito's comments about a certain segment of Willie of ForTune which includes contestants who already graduated in college having a general weighted average between 75-79%. Sucaldito claimed that this show is an insult to the contestant's dignity. Revillame on the other hand defended the show, claiming that everyone's free to join regardless of your race, gender preference and 'intelligence'.

Revillame eventually got mad and threw tantrums (well, not the typical tantrums of the child, but you'll eventually get my point) on one episode of the show. He even 'demanded' the management that if they do not remove Jobert Sucaldito, he will resign and leave Wowowee for good.

But the question is, will Revillame really leave the show because of some misunderstanding?

Well let's look to some of the points:

One, Willie is really a money maker. It's like he's one of the major stock holders of the broadcasting company even if technically, he's not really a stock holder.

Two, Willie is arrogant. He thinks he's a BIG loss if he opts to leave the noontime show.

Three, the ABS-CBN management will beg Willie to come back to the show and the drama unfolds. Come on, it feels so great when your boss kneels in front of you, pleading you to come back to the show, and without a doubt offer you a higher talent fee.

So you might ask why I made a 'rant' post about Willie, eh? I have one simple answer for that: I really abhor Willie. I do not like the way he treats his contestants, as if they're only just a bunch of brainless twerps.

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