Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Future Tense[s]

After watching four episodes of Scrubs (First Season), I just realized that this is the job that I really wanted, to become a medical doctor. Despite its comical approach, I still appreciate it. Life after medicine is a million times harder than studying it for four years. You don’t have to deal with the cadaver anymore, it’s gonna be a real thing. You have to be alert when dealing with your patients. The scenario will be totally different once you set your feet inside the emergency room. Everything is chaotic. Everything is challenging. Every second wasted is also equal to a life wasted, a life that should have been saved.

Watching these medical drama series like House MD, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs really inspires me to take medicine after graduating college.

But after that, I still want to take Doctorate studies in Molecular Medicine or Molecular Physics. You know, it feels so great when you have a nameplate something like this:
Dr. Renz Marione M. Bulseco, MD, PhD

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