Monday, September 14, 2009

Aftermath of UAAP Cheerdance

Okay, so most of you guys have watched the hyped UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2009 haven't you? Well if you haven't watched it, then better search it on YouTube and make a reaction paper out of it.

Just kiddin'!!!

Well basically the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2009 was totally different compared last year. Also, the number of audience has dwindled a little compared last year. The routines of eight participating schools were a bit stunning... and surprising... As always.

8 universities battling for 1 title.

Pre-battle arena.

Adamson University - No offense but... What the hell's happening to you guys? Your last year's routine was so much better than today. What's with the scary make-up and the overly-designed costume? Sigh. The stunts and the moves weren't emphasized that much because in the first place, the costume and make-up was very... uhhhmm, distracting. Sorry guys, but that's what I can say about your routine. :( I guess being the first performer is not a good thing.

National University - Better than the first performer. It was clean, and yeah, if I were a judge, I would give it a grade of 2.25 or 2.5 - Satisfactory.

University of Santo Tomas - The tiger's growl wasn't that loud since they didn't make it even on the top three (for bitterness sake, they're the 4th placer of this year's competition). There were apparently lots of errors committed in the stunts, but still they didn't fail to surprise me. I really like the Chinese-Egyptian dance, where the girls formed a straight line, and portrayed the ghastly synchronized hand gestures. The girl in front exudes pride and self-confidence. Cool. Better luck next time Salinggawi Dance Troupe. ;)

University of the Philippines - Apparently, what they did was right, portraying and incorporating the UP Life in their dance routine. It was a nice idea. Although while performing the pyramid stunt on the first half, a crucial mistake had occurred. But that's okay, we have to prioritize our existence rather than risking our goddamn life in the stadium. Tuloy pa rin ang buhay. And yeah, the Ikot Jeep was very cool. I don't think it's just an ordinary jeep. It's the only Ikot jeep that I have seen in my life which transformed into an eagle in just a couple of jiffies.

De La Salle University - Okay, it was generally clean with some minor mistakes. Oh yeah, Poi. What's with poi by the way? Yeah right, I'm bitter since I don't know how to play poi with my hands.

University of the East - Oh, another jeepney... errrhhh, yeah. The dance routine was basically clean with some minor mistakes. Uhhh, what more can I say? Sorry, I didn't concentrate watching with UE because I did something important. :(

Ateneo de Manila University - Onehelluvahkind routine! I think they dedicate their dance routine to Michael Jackson. Hehehe. But on a serious note, their performance was way better than last year. Heck, I was very amazed with the improvised moonwalk!!! Hell yeah! I also love their choices of music. They included Moony's Flying Away, Coldplay's Clocks and Ida Corr's Let Me Think About It. It's definitely a One Big Fight for them.

Far Eastern University - To be honest with FEU, I underestimated them. But heck, they beat the odds and bagged the top prize for this year's competition. There are several reasons why they won the said competition. First, it was very clean, no need to elaborate this. Second, the routine was very synchronized. Third, their music. They deserved to be the champion though.


One of the objectives of this competition was to exhibit sportsmanship and camaraderie. But I'm not sure if those were present today. A lot of people were bitter after the results were announced. It was clearly evident that the results were unbiased. FEU's the host and they won. So what?

And so the cyberwar between the universities will now commence in t-minus 5 seconds.



UP PEP SQUAD! Bawi nalang next time!!! :))) Hehehe

**Picture taken last UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2007

Credit: m_ke2 of Flickr

So Congrats to FEU, ADMU and UP!!!

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