Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Current Mood

Wanna know my current mood?


Actually, my mind is literally empty. I only managed to have 3 hours of sleep today and I think it was the worst day EVER in my whole college life. It started yesterday.

It was 11pm. I was busy reading Bruce Alberts' et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell. I was almost through with the 7th chapter (reading then writing a summary on a paper) when suddenly, the lights went off, except for the laptop. I was so pissed that I want to hit something very hard. The place isn't conducive, so I decided to sleep and just wished that the power will come back an hour after. Then I woke up at around 3am and was relieved that the power was back. So I continued reading that freakin' e-book, then reviewed, then took a nap.

Today, I have two long exams: Molecular Biology and Plant Ecology. I haven't had read even one single report on the latter since I chose to concentrate with the former.

Then I went to school and it was drizzling. O_O

11.30 am, I took the exam. I took a deep breathe...

and then...

and then...

AND THEN I FCKINGLY STARED ON MY TEST PAPER FOR ABOUT 30 MINUTES. Seriously. I thought I was the only one who just stared on the paper and doodled something at the back page of the blue book (my doodle was still related to the exam since we were asked to draw the general structures of DNA, RNA, DNA Replication fork and etc...). I was not alone.

After the exam, all of us whined since it was really a difficult exam. Potek.


And then this afternoon, I just crammed with my Plant Ecology exam. GOOD THING, the exam was NOT DEPRESSING.

Okay. So much for these things.

I still have an exam tomorrow, Elementary Statistics.

Then by Thursday, report on Plant Ecology.

I'll be reporting this weird looking plant.


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