Monday, September 21, 2009

All About Politics

Let's get this straight, shall we?

Apparently, the quality of politics here in our country is very low. Numerous graft and corruption cases have been filed to several politicians - both local and national offices. Well, this is just common to our country for the past two decades. And it's already irritating to hear news about it. It's just depressing, you know.

The role of the leaders is to lead the country, help the oppressed, shelter the homeless and give all other necessities to the needy. But take note, this is just an idealistic idea, let go to a more realistic situation. Consider these two scenarios:

a) You have a great leader on a certain country. He had what it takes to be the best among the rest. He's gentle, good and caring. But the countrymen abused his power. They just depend on to them. This isn't a good scenario.

b) All of the people residing in a certain country are generally good, but the leaders aren't that good, not because they're stupid, but because they're ABUSING the role of being the leader of the country.

The 2010 Philippine National elections is already imminent due to the public exposures of the presidential-wannabes on the media. It was very irritating to see those TV personalities who are planning to enter politics. Don't get me wrong. This is a democratic country. BUT FIRST, LET US EVALUATE OUR OWN SELVES if we are REALLY CAPABLE of being the leader of the country. Being a leader of the country isn't a joke. Apparently, they should consider several things and several factors before deciding to be become a leader.

Basically, those beautifully written speeches of those candidates should be real. I mean, their projects and plans should be incorporated whenever they're on their respective seats. Those promises shouldn't remain on a clean substance 20 paper. It should be put into action.

This May 2010, I can already vote for the next leaders of our country. I know, there's still HOPE, despite those several depressing hopes. I still believe on it. But I don't believe in miracles. Hopes and miracles are different things.

*Pardon if this post is not that coherent. I just want to release these.

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