Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just One More Chance

I thought our country's the only one who's suffering from the wrath of Mother Nature. But I was wrong. I checked news lately and found out that the WORLD is suffering from her wrath.

  • Earthquake in Singapore and Indonesia
  • Tsunami in Samoa
  • Sandstorm is Australia

This is very alarming.

I think these scenes are very familiar to you, right? I think you have already seen these on sci-fi movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Twister and other movies which presents a man vs. nature theme. The only difference today was clearly evident - it's real. No actors, no directors, producers and cinematographers, no special effects were used today... all of them were real.

Real people, real emotions, and real stories.

Do these series of calamities correlate with what we have done to Mother Nature?

We all know that since the dawn of Industrial Age, everything was promising. We started to develop a lot of things just to make our lives easy and comfortable. But to every man's comfort, there's always a consequence - a consequence that would somehow change the face of our only home.

We used to laugh with those scientists who claimed that the end is near. We all accused him of being stupid or crazy. We often ignore those warnings and continue with our dirty habits.

I do hope that we'll change our old habits before it's too late. There's still hope. Mother Nature is just giving us a warning. No one can surpass her power.

Change, for the betterment of humanity.

This is our only chance to save our only home, the blue planet, EARTH.

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