Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thesis it!

I was really, really happy upon learning that two of the sophomore Biology students (incoming Junior this first semester) had chosen Dr. Ruth U. Gamboa aka "Inang Dagat" as their thesis adviser. I'm so glad that they'll be joining our grandHolothuria project. So I sent one of Inang Dagat's thesis advisee a wall message on Facebook. It goes something like this:

Me: And so I've heard the news. Gamby na pala adviser mo? Welcome to the cluuuuuuub!
Jel: Wahahahah! Yes!! :)) Guess we'll see more of each other. Woohoo! Hindi na siya nagiisa uyyyy :))
Me: YEHEY MAY KASAMA NA AKO! Kayo ni Frece diba?
Jel: Yeah! Hahaha :)) Talking 'bout being in the oddest bunch.
Me: Yeaaaaah! So ano, may topic ka na?
Jel: Ohhh.. Determination of Genetic Variation of Holothuria scabra in Different Regions of Region XI.
Me: Ahhhh! Nice! Sinuggest ko iyan last year kay ma'am but apparently she didn't want me to do that study since the grow-out of sandfish in an earthpond has not yet been finished. Galing naman! Gagamit ka pa ng mga kagamitan sa Molecular Biology lab!
Jel: Yes! I'm sooo excited na talaga! :)) Sayang I was thinking about doing my own study: Regeneration gene into sea cucumber DNA! hahaha! That way, propagation wouldn't be a problem :))
Me: Nice! Pero naku, aabutan ka niyan ng more than two years sa thesis mo! :D

I'm so glad that they chose Inang Dagat as their thesis adviser. Inang Dagat hasn't handled a thesis adviser for more than five years until I came last year. Now that I'm halfway through with my experiment (statistical analysis isn't included in this part) I would always wonder why I'm actually enjoying my thesis despite hearing some terrifying stories from the upperclassmen regarding my thesis adviser. I thought Inang Dagat was a terror adviser, but I was wrong. She would always ask me whether if I've already monitored my sea cukes or not. She would constantly remind me about the things that I should accomplish within this month. Everything is already planned.

Well, I think great minds think alike. Haha! =)

Can't wait to be with my future Holothurian mates!

Go Holothuria!

Hurray for funded thesis!

The author would like to thank DOST, BFAR and ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) for sponsoring my thesis. :)

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