Sunday, September 30, 2012

That feeling.

I do not know. I had a lot things in my mind right now and I want it to write it on my blog. But apparently my hands won't allow me to do such. It feels weird. I can't consider this as a writer's block... Maybe hands' block perhaps? I do not know. I just feel anxious lately. I only have six days remaining before I leave Davao for good. I know this is just part of reaching my dreams of becoming the country's air traffic controller. Manila is definitely not my comfort zone; everything there is fucking chaotic, dirty and expensive. Not that I'm complaining though. Add the fact that it's going to be my first time to be away from my parents. I would definitely miss them.

Hmmm, I do hope that I'd do good on our training. I would do my best and I will not let them down.

Game face: ON.

PS: I still have to write something for my travel blog. Blogging at the last day of September via my iPad. By the way, I am loving this blogging app! Very convenient and spending $4.99 for it is worth it at all.

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