Wednesday, September 05, 2012

When the Halls Bled Black, Red and White

Hola! How's everybody?

Well, I decided not to join the SEx (Soccsksargen Experience) Tour 4.0 because (i) I need to rest; and (ii) I have to be at UP Mindanao to attend the opening ceremony of Dula 2012 (UPMin's annual intramurals) and the cheerdance competition.

Cheerdance played a significant role in my life. Without it, my college life would not be THAT awesome (see also: studying everyday is dangerous to your health).

For those who did not know, I used to be part of the Bio Pep Squad. Yes, I am not a great dancer or what. I know, the gods and goddesses must be crazy! I actually heard you laugh after reading that sentence. Too bad I wasn't part of it until I was in my third year, although I witnessed how rigorous the trainings were, how strict our choreographer was and how physically and emotionally demanding it was. I was still a bit conscious with my academic works and I didn't want to compromise it.

Second year. I was *THIS* close to join the group, but then I passed.

Third year. Almost everyone in my batch joined the group. Ah, peer pressure at its best. I really thought that it was not a good idea. I didn't have any clues about lifting, dancing, stunts and throws. It was just a spur of the moment decision and I thought I was just high or what. Like, hello? Junior life is really crucial and hectic. During that time I was starting to write my undergraduate thesis and major subjects became a major pain in the ass (hello Molecular Biology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Plant Ecology and Biochem in one semester!).

The moment of truth

Cheerdance graduates!

Usually, practices start as early as July. The session starts at around 6 PM and ends at eight for the first month. By the end August, we'd end our practice sessions as late as 10 or 11 PM. It doesn't matter whether we have exams or laboratory reports due tomorrow.

My hair rose when I saw the cheerdance performance of Bio Pep Squad last Monday. And then, I began to reminisce those good old days. I used to be part of the group. I used to be there at the center of the atrium, dance in front of the audience. I experienced being lifted and being a lifter. It was surreal. Nonetheless, the seniors delivered the group well and eventually emerged as the champion of the said competition. Look, time flies so fast! They [the seniors] were still freshmen when we were still leading group. It actually made us proud.

Winning is just a bonus. Yes, we may have awesome stunts, steps and routines but the best part of it was the process of winning. Creative ideas and plans start to come out during the practice. Sometimes, ideas clash resulting to conflicts and predicaments. It can't be totally avoided. Some literally lose their balance and fall during practices, but we learn how to rise and move on. It was not easy, I tell you. It's more than memorizing those steps, stunts and cheers. We deliver it with pride and glory.

And as our old cheer goes: BioS power, you can't conquer, we're no losers 'coz we're fighters!

Now, if only I could turn back time and relive those winning moments all over again.

Sniff, sniff. :,)

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