Friday, April 29, 2016

May It Be

May is fast approaching and I can't hardly wait for my first day off of the month. Seriously, this week, I am expected to work 8 straight days because of the transition of my work schedule. Not that I'm complaining though, but I'm quite sick the past few days. Maybe I got stressed from all the adventures I took last weekend. My overnight experience in Kalanggaman Island was underwhelming, albeit the majestic sunrise so to speak. I'm having a flu right now.

Well, it's almost midnight. I should be sleeping.

PS: Now that my mobile plan in SMART is no longer unlimited, I'm looking for ways to maximize my data. Ugh, fuck this. I just hate the internet connection here in the Philippines - slow, limited, and fucking expensive. Unbelievable!

I should be sleeping. Duty in T minus 5 hours.

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