Friday, April 22, 2016

I've had enough

Requested departure time: 2:20PM. Departure time given from flow management: 4:22PM.

Less than three weeks before the national elections. I am so tired of reading and hearing all those political nonsense and mudslinging from both staunch supporters and candidates. Well, I can't blame it. Social media had played a very important role in delivering vital information in this year's political campaign. But of course, you can't just avoid those hypocrites, know-it-alls, the pseudo-intellectuals, and the gullible ones. 

But despite our intellectual, socio-political, and ~*emotional*~ differences, we all have the same dream - whoever wins the election must put our country in a higher pedestal.

IN OTHER NEWS, air traffic congestion or flight delays have hit a all-time high! HURRAY! A few days ago, a reliable source told me that in NAIA 3 alone, 96% of all flights are delayed. The reason? Numerous non-scheduled flights were filed flying in and out of Manila. See also: hired private planes by politicians going to different provinces of the country.

Before the campaign period, ground delays are at maximum of 60-70 minutes. Today, flights to Manila are expected to hold on ground for more than 120 minutes. Just wow.

To relieve from stress, I decided to walk the entire length of San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge of the country, spanning a total length of 2.16 km.

I felt better after,

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