Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sense of Entitlement

Went home for a short break in Davao last Saturday. My city's currently experiencing a daily 4-5hrs of rotational brownouts due to the lack of power in the Mindanao grid. One of the generators of the newly opened clean coal power plant in Davao City went off grid a few days ago, causing these inconveniences. Davao Light, the privately owned electric service provider of the city had no choice but to implement series of rotational brownouts on a daily basis. My reliable sources told me that this power outages will last until next week.

I know that a city of more than two million residents didn't deserve this kind of shit. We are all aware that one particular candidate even claimed that the power deficit in Mindanao has already been solved for years where in fact IT WASN'T.

Having said that, we have no choice. I know this is a helpless scenario most especially to people who solely rely to electricity for a living (see also: freelance workers). But have you ever thought that even if you're one of the members of the affluent Ayalas or Aboitizes, you're still bound to experience rotational brownouts? Unless you have a powerful diesel generator, that's a totally different story.

Lately, I have read so many rants about this rotational brownout in Davao. FYI, even if you stage a protest outside the main office of DLPC at Ponciano Street, you won't yield anything. I don't get it why some people have this superior sense of entitlement. They're not even influential members of the city to begin with. I know there are discrepancies regarding DLPC's scheduled brownout, but then again going back to my point... ugh. I just can't even.

Major eyeroll.

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