Friday, April 08, 2016

Unsent Messages

A: Hey. Kamusta?

B: Hi. I'm good.

A: Seems like you're doing okay with your life lately, ah!

B: Oo naman.

A: You're at work?

B: Nope. I'm on my way to downtown. Hahanapin ko yung kaluluwa ko. In English, soul searching.


B: What? Totoo naman ah.

A: HAHAHA. I really admire your dry wit!

B: I'm serious.

A: Well, I still find it funny. I can imagine your face.

B: Hay grabe ambagal ng jeep na sinasakyan ko ngayon. Parang inassemble lang to kanina sa talyer. I'm dying.


B: You're not helping. I might alight soon. Baka magtatransform 'to to several pieces.

A: HAHAHA. Grabe kakabagin na ata ako rito sa katatawa. Kainis ka.

A: I miss you!


A: Ay, read-zoned lang ako. Uulitin ko. I miss you.

B: Are you sick? Okay ka lang?

A: No, I'm dead serious. Miss you!

B: Heto nanaman tayo.

A: Ano?

B: Ito. Claiming that you miss me. You know what's hard? I told you that exact statement years ago. And what did you answer? Nothing. To be honest with you, I got hurt. I got hurt after the first time we met. I thought we'd go the next level after so many years of communicating online. I know I'm partly responsible with the way you treated me because I was a jerk when we met the first time. I know I spent most of the time on my phone rather than having deep conversations with you. Truth is, I was really shy and I can't just fight the inner awkwardness in me and I truly regret it. However, I believe you don't have the right to just leave me in limbo. Umasa ako. Nauwi pala sa wala ang lahat. What happened? Are you just bored? Am I just your 'flavor of the month'? Please let me know. I need answers.

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  1. I did not know that there's actually someone out there who is in the exact, same situation as me, until I read this.