Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Die Another Day

Apparently last night I have to sleep early since the day before yesterday I only had three hours of sleep, thanks to my summer sickness. But because of curiosity, I decided to watch another Korean flick, A Moment To Remember starring Son Ye-jin and Jung-woo Sung. Heck, I finished watching the movie around two thirty in the morning, tears poured and flowed like the river rapids of the north from my tired eyes. Damn you Koreans, ba’t ganon mga drama movies niyo? Ambigat sa dibdib! Even though I didn’t have a wife suffering from the deadly Alzheimer’s, bumigay pa rin ako. Potek.

And now I am really tired. Hope it won’t rain tomorrow, for tomorrow’s another day.

Because today, my day sucked a little bit, but at least we won the case (you know what I mean, the waiver thing). Six grueling hours of waiting for the final decision is not a joke.

It sucks when you fall in line for almost an hour and kung turn mo na, bigla lang sasabihin sa iyo ‘to, “tomorrow morning nalang, it’s already time”.

Ay, horsecrap.

So yeah, I will go to school before 8 and right now, I’ll visit my own dream land and hopefully the beautiful Son Ye-Jin is there.


What the heck.


  1. my only concern is....

    Renz, gwapo ba yung lalaki sa movie na to?

  2. at first panget man pero naay developments sa iyang nawong habang nagaprogress ang movie.

    pero nice baya siya infairness. watch it, now na tita jei :P :)