Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's Celebrate - BioGenesis 2009

Okay, the first two weeks of school was pretty tiring. Haggard. ZOO113 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy) really tested my memory skills. BOT150 (Plant Ecology) Lab tested my priorities in life. BIO101 (Molecular Biology) challenged my 20-20 vision, thanks to the eye-straining and nerve wracking assignments. Most of all, I'm going to start with the second draft of my thesis.

But despite all these, we have to move on and look on the brighter sides. Besides, for two years, I'm getting used with the stressful environment of this holistic institution, the only institution where bright minds and ideas meet. Yabang eh no. Lol

Anyway, we had our acquaintance party, the BioGenesis yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Also, I'm glad that a LOT of freshies participated in the activities prepared by the seniors, and they really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures, courtesy of Mon Abpi.

I took this shot. :)

Lots and lots of balloons.

The creative committee. :)

The fresh meats are here!

Ate Macel and Kuya Modda - the emcees.

Gimmmmeee fooooooood!

Lost.... and FOREVER LOST. joke lang Kring! HAHAHA

HAHAHA. I love this!!! :)) Like father like daughter. Bastian-y smile.


Go KWATROOOOOO!!!! :))))

Trip to Jerusalem... with a twist. Tae. Trip to hell na ata to. :))

The BioFresh 2009. Yak Yuri joiners. Hahahahhaa


Ate Sasha!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Bro!!!

BIOS POWER, You can't conquer, we're no losers, 'coz we're fighters!


Party's over. Let's get back to work.

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