Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am a drinker.
Yes, I am a HEAVY drinker…

a heavy drinker of COKE to be precise…

Everyday I drink coke. Coke has been my best friend since mom introduced me to this famous carbonated drink. Whenever I’m happy, sad, angry, disappointed and excited, coke is always beside me. When I was young, the elders will scold me because I opt to drink coke than water. They always remind me to drink water after a glass of coke. But I didn’t care, thinking it was only a superstitious belief. When I’m thirsty, I crave for coke, but when the thirst didn’t dissipate, that’s the time that I will drink water.

Okay, I have to admit that I’m already dependent with coke.
I’m addicted to caffeine.
Okay, I love coffee, but it did not have any “fizzing-sizzling” effects on my throat.
I love the feeling as it makes its way to my throat and finally to my stomach.

I know coke is bad. It contains a lot of sugar and it’s an acid, phosphoric acid to be precise. Its pH level is around 3. It contains lots of calories (unless if it’s diet coke) and sugar (even if it’s “sugar free”, it STILL contains sugar). Too much coke or sugar can cause diabetes. I’m quite scared of that fact since my lola’s sister is diabetic. Ouch.

The same predicament goes with smokers.

It’s not easy to quit. I can somehow relate to their resentments. It takes time to do it.

If you demand a smoker to quit smoking, it’s like you’re demanding him to kill himself, to commit suicide … so as “cokers”.

Teehee. ;)

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