Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Holding On

Surprisingly, I managed to finish the grueling enrolment process today. I thought na susulitin ‘ko ang four days. Phew =)

Yes final na talaga 'tung schedule ko.

Anyway, I think I’m lucky. After endless hours of waiting, standing, running, walking, jeep-ing, HH-ing around the campus, I am finally enrolled and I’m already a junior student of BS Bio. Can you believe that? I mean it’s was like, time runs so fast. Two years ago, I entered the campus of UPMin and I was all alone, thinking if I will survive on this kind of environment and situation. New school, new environment, new teachers and new set of classmates… and the only thing that came on my mind at that time was this: Are my classmates friendly? At first I envy my high school classmates because most of them went to the same school together, like in San Pedro and Ateneo de Davao and had the same courses like Nursing and Accountancy. I thought that I would regret this decision I made back in my senior year in high school. I took the road less traveled.


Then, after two years, here I am writing this entry and I’m still in awe. Two years seemed like two months. I’m indeed a survivor of this challenge. I have ACTUALLY experienced funny experiences that made my first two years in UP a memorable one.

I have invited by certain fraternities to attend orientations about their group. But I didn’t join because, wala lang.

Because of the unique system of UP, I actually gained friends from different courses and different year levels in UPMin (palibasa the population of UPMin isn’t that big, almost a thousand students).

I have slept many times inside the classroom. The most intense was during reporting in Nat Sci 2, my professor sat beside me to listen to the report. And I was on his left side, dozing, as if he wasn’t there.

I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours, thanks to that shitty Genetics report.
For the first time in my life, I flunked a subject and have to retake it this semester.
Nakabasag na ako ng separatory funnel during the synthesis of tert-butyl in our Organic Chem Lab last year. And it cost around 3,600 pesos.

What else?


So now, I am about to enter the second half of my college life.

This means more stressful activities, field trips, more sleepless nights and I think I’ll get used to the pungent smell of formalin, thanks to ZOO113 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy). Even if I didn’t enroll myself to BIO 200a (Outline), I’ll just start with my thesis and have continuous updates from my adviser. Lots of sacrifices should be considered. Despite all these, it would still be memorable. Ten to fifteen years from now, I’ll look back through the old times, probably browsing those wacky pictures and reading this blog. Ahhh, reminiscing those good old days…

Okay I can already feel the tension. So let’s jump and savor the last week of freedom.

This is it, all I need is to focus on my acads and I have to consider a LOT of things.

I hope I will graduate on time.
Peste. Ako pa.

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