Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Give me a BREAK!

Classcards are up and here are the results:

Bio 1 Lec/Lab (General Biology I)
- 3 units --> 1.25

Math 11 (College Algebra) - 3 units --> 2.00

AH 1 (Communication and Arts I) - 3 units -->

Chem 16 Lec/Lab(General Chemistry I) - 5 units --> 2.25

MST 3 (Mathematics for General Education) - 3 units --> 2.25

SSP 5 (Philosophy I) - 3 units --> 2.25

others (not included in calculating the GWA) PE 1 - 1.75 (2 units)


GWA (General Weighted Average) --> 2.025

Arrgghh! just because of that crappy decimal number (0.025), I can't make it to the Honor's List! (cut-off is 2.00). Hmph. At least, my lowest grade is 2.25 and it's my challenge to maintain it as the lowest grade until I graduate in UP. Haay. At least, my major subject, which is the Bio-1 got the highest score, 1.25. When will I get an UNO grade??? Maybe next semester? or will I dream this grade forever?? Oh dear!

And will you look at my philosophy grade, nakaabot pa ng 2.25, I thought I would get a grade of three. Yikes! And I don't really know why I got that grade. I was really surprised though. Hehehe.

I'll do my best to be on the honor's list or better, to the DEAN'S List this second semester. Why not??

Let's wait and see. =)


  1. wow! good grades.I know you tried your best.May all your dreams come true.

  2. haha it's really hard to get good grades nowadays. i have the same average as yours pft. anyways, bawi next sem!

  3. nyahahah oo nga! bawi tlaga nex sem.. thnks! =)

  4. Wow ayos naman grades mo eh. Atlis walang bagsak. Bawi nalang next sem. Galingan mo ha? Dapat University Scholar ka na next sem! Kaya mo naman yun eh. Go! =)

  5. hahaha.. kahit cliffhanger na grade.. wala pa ako.. so far.. tsktsk thnks CM!