Saturday, October 20, 2007

What If...

A news broke out this afternoon and it was a terrible one.

Here's an excerpt of this dreadful news taken from a reliable source:

"Eight people were killed while at least 129 others were injured after an explosion ripped through an upscale mall in Makati City Friday afternoon.

"As of 8:00 this evening, we have accounted for eight casualties and 129 injured. They are scattered I think in three hospitals in Makati," National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director General Geary Barias said in an interview with ANC’s Crossroads.

Officials also reported that ten persons were reported missing. Fire and rescue authorities were still searching for bodies they suspect may be trapped under the debris thrown by the powerful blast.

A report said among those injured were two South Koreans and a Chinese citizen...."

Several shoppers said the blast was heard from a nearby baby store in the mall. Liana Navarro, sister of Black and White Movement’s Leah Navarro and who was in the mall with her mother, said several people including children were seen with "obvious injuries."

Another witness, Arel Vertucio, said the explosion was so strong that it was felt up to the third level of the mall. Vertucio said he saw some people lying on the ground.

Eyewitness Icy Marinas was only 15 meters away from the Glorietta explosion when it occurred. She said the blast felt like an "intense earthquake."

She said she saw a pregnant woman crying after the blast while other women started rushing out of the mall with their families. She added that she saw "three bloodied men" near the blast site while the security guards just stood around with no reaction.

Charlie Nepomuceno, an employee at the Glorietta mall, said the powerful explosion appeared to have centered on an escalator.

"It left a deep crater at the foot of the escalator," he said. "It also ripped open the roof of the building. I saw a man thrown on to the roof who had lost a leg."

He said a badly mangled body of a woman was near the escalator.

[x] What if I was there?

Nakatatakot na sitwasyon. It's the same eerie feeling that I've felt when a bomb exploded at the old Davao International Airport.

Lives weren't spared during these explosions.

[x]: decapitated head flew during this incident
[x]: a woman found dead with her torso missing
[x]: a baby crying beside her already dead mother
[x]: a teenager desperately tries uncover himself from the rubble
[x]: unclaimed victims at the morgue


What's happening ???

O ano ngayon?


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  1. let's pray for those who lost their lives sa glorietta 2 bombing. May they rest in peace..