Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Inevitable gemstone - CHRYSOLITE

Tomorrow, it's my day.
I'm going out to see the civilized world.
The outside world. Nyahaha. Just kiddin'!

Me and my barkada will have a party! Yeah! A SLUMBER party, just the four of us. Yes. We decided to meet at a certain rally point, our school, STELLA MARIS ACADEMY of DAVAO. It's my one and only alma mater, in fact, it's my second home! Everyday, I woke up early to eat my yummy breakfast, catch the early flight (cge na nga, jeep! haha), or if I'm fortunate, ride at my dad's car and got home at around 5-6pm. I did this all over, again and again for like almost 13 years. Imagine, thirteen wonderful years of joyful memories, tears, laughters, pain-in-the-ass-because-of-tedious-homeworks and a whole lot more.

The feeling is yet nostalgic.

Thus, my last year in SMAD was truly a memorable one.



It was summer. As usual. I slept late, and woke up at around lunch time. It was 10am when my mom woke me in an urgent manner. I thought something happened bad, really bad. But then, she announced the greatest news of my life - I belong to CHRYSOLITE. And what's the greatest deal of it? Almost classmate ko lahat ng kabarkada ko! Weeee. I'm so happy at that certain moment of my life.


Well, it's the first day of school and I arrived at school quite early. Maybe I was uber excited at that time. Yeay. I did the usual kamustahan stuffs with my friends and things alike. Then after an hour of announcements, recognitions (that's the thing what I've hated during first days, I mean, we need to clap, stand for a long period of time), and flag ceremonies, we went inside the classroom. I can still remember that Ma'am Bello got angry with us. Eh kasi naman, ang pasaway na si Kate Rojas, didn't followed what ma'am instructed to her. I think, if not mistaken, it's the chair arrangement. Haay. First day pa lang, sermon na. And of course who would never forget when Rafael "Chucky" Palma Gil discovered that his name was nowhere to be found out of the four sections posted. Haay kawawa. A clerical error from the registrar could cause pandemonium. Another thing was, when Harry Palileo mistakenly thought he belonged to our section, so he went inside our classroom, but he later discovered that he belonged to Diamond. Haay. What a goofy first day.

After that, we met on our different subject teachers like in Math (Mrs. Melita "Dooby" Buladaco), Physics (Ms. Shella "Shengy" Cascaro), English (Mrs. Juvy S. Palo) CL (Mr. Ronald Añong), Filipino (Mrs. Arlen Lasay) and our adviser as our Economics teacher.

Back then, the usual thing that a teacher will do is to have a "getting to know stuffs." It's like you'll introduce your name to your class (for the gazilionth time) and sometimes the teacher would interrogate some intriguing questions to us like:

"Are you the brother/ sister of this and that?"
"Are you related to this and that?"
"Are you new in this school?"


In Physics, we just introduced our names, then we defined Physics in our own words. Too elementary.

In English, we had an extemporaneous speech. We stood in a broom box, hold the microphone, speak until you have a nervous breakdown, literally. Who could never forget when Helen Guy-uyco cried when she recounted her worst experience of her life - last year's JS promenade. Of course, I could still remember when Therese Yucamco showed her prowess on taekwondo to Nicolo Munda when Nixmo revealed that she's a b**** b****r. You'll figure this out okay? Also, when it was Louie "Cocok" Vergara's turn, he said that our former english teacher was one "HELL" of a kind. We laughed at him since he was, again, exaggerating. Sheesh.

I remembered that, during our first meeting on math, the surroundings changed abruptly and the aura felt in a gypsy manner. Okay. Ma'am Dooby chanted a spell (or a prayer to God =p) in an eerie-freaky voice. It goes like this:


Ah ewan ko bah! I think I jumbled the lyrics, basta that's the song. It's a prayer. Harr. During lunch break, we couldn't forget that chant.

Time flies so fast until we realized that it was already July.

We started to practice on our Mo. Candida Song Composition. Lyrics and melody was composed by yours truly =]. As usual, Alvin Paulin showed to us the real meaning of perfection. But hey, because of determination and hardwork, we grabbed the first place and lambasted other gemstones. =]

As days went by, friendship grew inside the classroom. CTJ squared was established and here are the original members:

Yours Truly, Daniel Fortades, Jaimelynn Cabrera, Meiko Suzuki, Camille Uy, Beatrice Padilla, Kate Rojas, Paul Colendres, Patrice Tan, Louie Vergara, Christie Cruz (pasensya na sa mga hindi ko nasali, I OWE YOU.)

And we will not tell kung ano ang meaning ng CTJ squared. SECRET.

We had our mangrove planting and that was truly amazing. In fact, it's an undiscovered Boracay-like haven situated at the southern tip of Matina Aplaya.

By September, we had our Retreat, and mind you! It was really a memorable one. Before our retreat proper, flocks and millions of letters from friends and even from the lower years came and we totally appreciated it. One thing for sure, I remembered when Romeo "Bolbito" Fernandez taunted Kissa Atabug about her **toot. Censored. Haay.

When I was in the upper garden, I called one of my classmate, but then, shouting is prohibited, I just did some goofy posing of superman until everyone noticed me. Kesa naman I'll make some noise dibah? Haay.

Also, Alvin and Alden reputedly said that Chokie Inumerables fell and tumbled down in the hills but when they discovered it, Chokie was found walking and communing with nature, as if nothing happened!

At night, we shared our ups and downs in our lives and we had an open forum. Then we shifted to only one topic: Bullying to Robin Bongas. Haay. At least some of the dilemmas in the classroom were solved because of that activity.

It turns out that our retreat went into a totally different way, that is puro GHOST STORIES ang pinag-uusapan. First, we were only 5 of us in a room when Alvin Paulin started to tell some ghastly haunted stories. Mind you. It was until almost everyone flocked inside the common room. Masikip yet we felt cold. Dead serious.

Then everyone shouted, gasped and held their respective breaths. Haha. And we all got frightened. Nikki Eser ran and even wounded herself, I think in her arm, good thing, Paul Colendres helped her. I retired at 2.30 am but others didn't slept at all! Yikes, but that retreat was truly a memorable one.

[:x:] Pee.Es: [:x:]

Haaay. I think this is too long but hey! This isn't the end. May part two pa of course. Hehehe. Well, may part two pa.. and expect the following memories to be reopened by me, nnyahaha:

-FUNNY memories on GREEK MYTHOLOGY presentation =]
-Christmas Party
-Stress and Hardwork
-Graduation Practice
-Goofy moments on career talk
-kabuangan sa classroom

and a whole lot more!

Sayonara! Abangan. Tune in to the next episode! Hehehe =]


  1. mahilig nga talaga ako sa mga code names, haha!

    lingaw pala ang batch nyo! yun lang nga, daming pasaway. lalo na ang mga SCT..shush! haha! can't wait to read the part 2. XD

  2. nyahahaha.

    di man pasaway ang sct.. hahaha infact.. their uber cool and mga mababait pa mga members =]