Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rest thy brain cells




At long last! Today marks the day of my most awaited school activity (actually it's not an activity), but, the HELL I CARE! It's our month-long celebration of freedom! - semestral break!

Yeah! Okay. So I don't expect that my grades would be that high. It's on an average level. Well, so far I got my grades from my two subjects: (1.00 is the highest, 5.00 is the lowest)

MATH 11 - College Algebra = 2.00
MATH 1 - Mathematics for General Education = 2.25

So far, I really feel that my Chem16 would not be that high compared to my "high school chemistry." Duh. During the last two weeks of this semester, I really felt the intense pressure on my back (literally), waking up early just to study for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS due to long exams and this week's finals, and cramming for two scientific papers. Somehow, I realized that I survived these tremendous workloads.

Perhaps, as early as first year, we are trained to be confident when it comes to oral defense. Yikes! We had our oral defense last Tuesday and mind you, it was quite scary since the panel of judges were the seniors of bs bio. One thing for sure, the most important thing that I've learned from this activity was, I must be prepared in my report, the experiment must be carefully analyzed and most of all, I must have confidence. Luckily, I was not that nervous since I'm used with such things like this. Haay.

Well, if I didn't make it to the LIST, that's totally okay for me since I'm still adjusting with my college life and had some few experiments on when and where will I have an effective study period. Somehow, I observed some behaviors of the professors and their type of tests. Now, that I had tasted all of them,

Here are the list of my REALIZATIONS during the first semester:

-Study, study and study. Constant reading would lead you to flat one.

-If you didn't study for just ONE DAY, you're DEAD literally.

-cramming really never helps. It would give a grade of 5.0 (how dreadful..)

-taking pictures with oble's wonderful statue, you'll never graduate (how true is this??)

-you can STILL survive the UP system even if you didn't have any frats, but when somebody invites you (especially if it's the frat of conyos/ dean's lister hehe.. where paddle initiation doesn't exist), grab it! Feel flattered dude!

-finals ng ibang school, quiz lang namin (yes, this is true)

-students of UP don't really care about your fashion, but they really care about your ATTITUDE!

-READING A BOOK is not enough. If you have great analyical skills, then you'll graduate on time.

-Expect the unexpected when it comes to exam questions.

-DON'T EVER underestimate GE subjects. Sometimes, they really help to pull your grades higher if your major subjects are quite low.

-If you had time to laugh with your friends, cherish that moment. The next thing you'll know, you'll cry because of academic pressure.

-Intelligence is not the REAL MEASUREMENT for INTELLIGENCE.

-FRUITS are abundant everywhere in the campus. GRAB IT!


For the second semester, I could apply my realizations and hopefully make it to the DEAN'S List (or better, to the CHANCELLOR'S LIST).

It's my first birthday on blogging (i think this october 28). Time flies so fast.