Monday, October 15, 2007

YOU already knew WHAT I DID this sembreak

just to compensate the intense boredom of this crappy semestral break, here are some ways that I could actually make this sembreak an enjoyable one:

--> DIVE, SWIM, RUN and SURF the NET, all day, all night.

well, after two grueling years of waiting, finally we already had an internet connection in our home, thanks to PLDT (since our house was strategically located at least 15km away from the city proper and our village was roughly three years old, so bago lang talaga ang PLDT sa amin). With their promo, the landline-DSL budget bundle, we hurriedly call the PLDT to have our house hooked to the world wide web! Yes. But hell, computers are like human beings too! They do have feelings - napapagod and mind you, one dilemma for this technology is the surging electric bill, yikes!

--> Text and call all day, all night, all dawn, WHATEVER

my dad gave me another cellphone, a nokia 1112 and it's a GLOBE postpaid line, plan 500 nga lng. Yes, it answers all my needs since almost all of my classmates are Globe and Smart (only 6 of them are SUN), so I don't have any problem when I text my non-SUN classmate. At least dibah? But lo and behold, my bill would reach with this range: 600-800 pesos! Oh no!

--> Be a TEACHER for a month

yes, you've heard it right! I'm gonna be a teacher (or asst. tutor of my mom) for one whole month. With this, I should have a reasonable salary and thank God, I wouldn't be penniless this sembreak. I know teaching is not my passion for I don't possess patience. But, what can I say is, iba talaga kung ang tinuturuan mo ay ibang tao and not your family. I can be rude when I teach my brother about algebra but to others, I SHOULDN'T. 850 pesos din to 'tol!

--> Have a quality time with your friends

I usually get bored when I see those same faces (my mom, dad and my pesky brother) at my home for a whole week. Usually, I unwind myself by strolling at the mall together with my classmates, friends and my lovely barkada. So far, my barkada and I had plans this sembreak. And of course, the usual 'bonding moments' for a barkada is to spend a night on one of the mob's house. Haay. I'm quite excited because we will have a sleepover on my best friend's house next week. Yes!

But If I don't have a money, tinutulugan ko nalang yan. =)

--> EAT and EAT and EAT and SLEEP, SLEEP and SLEEP

Having an adequate rest is vital for our health. Well, Health is Wealth. After all, it serves as a pambawi to me since I do have irregular and inadequate rests during the first sem. And for the first time, I missed dinner three times because I need to sleep and sometimes I don't have the appetite to eat! Also, I should EAT constantly since I need to gain weight (I usually weigh a good 105-lb and hindi na to tataas). Humph. What's important is, I'm healthy.

--> BLOW thyself on dvd's

until the dvd player burst into flames, literally. bwahahaha =).

--> play SUDOKU

and you'll never know that you've actually wasted 6 hours in just solving one problem. A perfect time waster, indeed. I still have 93 puzzles more to complete the sudoku puzzle book that July gave me last September. Actually, birthday gift yun eh. Thanks July!

--> PLAY the PIANO all day, ALL night 'til my fingers mutate

Playing the piano is my passion since seven. Usually I play songs through piano by ear (oido) and not by notes. Whenever I get bored, I usually play the piano with the songs that I like. Of the following videos, these are the songs that I've learned during this semestral Break:

This is HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by the FRAY

And this is Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around Comes Around


Sembreak wouldn't be that boring as long as you did something productive (also not destructive.. hehehe=])

A month long break would occur only four times on my whole college life. I should make out the most of it.



  1. Wow naman buti ka pa may source of income this sem break! Ako I'm starting to hate this vacation kasi ala akong pera. Hehe! Good luck sayo! Have a happy sem break! Hanggang kelan ba sem break niyo? =P

  2. astig na pala nitong si renz! haha. tsaka astig na cp mo ha! yung 6300. gusto ko rin tong unit na to. nag-aantay na lang ako kay santa claus ngayong pasko. hehe. anyways, kip in touch.

    adios amigo! haha.

  3. actually, nokia 6300 for my globe and nokia 6170 for my sun cellphones ko. =]