Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Ode to Innocence

Dear Friend,

Good day!
I ask myself:

How can I determine If one is in love with someone?
Is it from one's deep embossed smile?
Does one's heart beats so fast?
Does the ATP production of one's body doubled? Uhhm. Maybe tripled.
Does one can't get his smile on his face?
I'm sorry but Im ignorant.
Teach me, my dear friend.
I know you knew these things.

Can I feel the searing pain of cupid's arrow?
Is it really painful?
Does one regret his arrow?
Does Cupid experience inaccuracy?
Do we call it as a disaster?
An accident?
Yes. It's Destiny. Isn't it?
Or does it feels oh-so-lovely?
Or is cupid just my vague imagination?
Or imaginary friend?

Is it true that LOVE makes you crazy? or maybe crazier.
Can love be the primary cause of death?
Is it dangerous? Is it toxic? Is it poisonous?
Does love hurt?
Why do people cry?
Is it correct to blame LOVE?
Why do people always do that?
Why is it hard to mend a broken heart?
I could suggests any heart transplants, right?
Am I right?
I'll call a cardiologist to do that for them.

Do some people REALLY love each other?
Or they just pity with each other.
Can I consider that as LOVE?
I don't know. Teach me.
For I am still ignorant.

Why do bruises and cuts heal so fast but love leaves a lifetime scar??
What's the remedy for heartache?
Does science explains all this?
Do Biologists, Doctors and Psychologists mastered this?
Do they also get hurt with this?
Why is it hard to let go?
Why are you crying?
Does love hurt you too?

Why do some people consider this thing as LOVE
if they're attracted to good looking men?
or perhaps to sexy beach bums??

Why not look for qualities?
I mean, it really counts than the looks.
Do we still call that as LOVE?
Does it differ with infatuation??

How can I feel it?
Am I just numb?
Please my dear Friend.
Answer my inquiries.
I may be young but I'm curious.
I may not have experience this
up to this moment.
I know you can answer these.

I can't say anything about this.
I can't judge this immediately.
Time would only tell,
when I experience this.

Maybe tomorrow,
next week,
Next month,
Next year,
Next decade,
Next century,
next millenium
'til I froze to death.

When would I tell this to myself.
That LOVE is still a mystery?

Am I right?
Or wrong?
Am I insane?

[PS: I'm not in love okay? I'm just curious. REALLY CURIOUS]


  1. Ayeeee curious siya! Sige I'll try to help you bro. :D

    Pano ba malalaman kung in-love ka na nga ba sa isang tao? Una na d'yan yung kung siya ang laman ng isip mo every waking and even sleeping moment. Yun bang hindi mo siya matanggal sa iyong isipan. And that person's being in your mind is what makes you happy.

    Pero syempre hindi guarantee yun na in-love ka na sa taong yun. I mean, I think love is an option. Posibleng may maramdaman kang something para sa isang tao - pero hindi sa lahat ng oras pwede mong sabihing "mahal ko na siya". Utak parin dapat ang pairalin. Kasi kung laging puso, wala lang, andaming pwedeng maging effects.

    Would you feel the searing pain of Cupid's arrow? Oo naman. Pero yung pain na yun, hindi agad-agad dumarating. Case-to-case basis yan eh. Kung na-inlove ka sa taong meron nang iba, masakit syempre! Pero kung MU naman kayo, masarap yung feeling. Pero may pain pa rin na darating in time.

    Posible bang inaccurate si Kupido? Hindi ko alam. After all, choice mo naman kung magmamahal ka 'di ba?

    Love can make one crazy bro. Kaya nga may mga napadadala sa mental hospital dahil sa pag-ibig eh. And yes, it hurts. Kaya nga sila nabaliw dahil sa sakit eh. They cry because of the pain. They blame love because of the pain. Kaya lang syempre, dahil nga sa aking pananaw love is a choice, ultimately, hindi dapat love ang sisihin kung hindi ang sarili. =P

    Do some people really love each other? Oo naman noh! Though meron ibang couples na user-friendly (manggagamit), naniniwala akong may mga taong nagmamahalan talaga. And NO, you don't consider pity as love. Ang crappy naman nun. How would you feel kung mahal ka ng mahal mo dahil lang naaawa siya sayo? Ouch.

    Love leaves a lifetime scar kasi hindi naman siya physical eh. Nasa emotional at mental (?) level siya. Pero may remedy sa heartache ha! At hindi remedy ang paghahanap ng kapalit. Ano yun panakip butas?! Time. Time heals all wounds daw eh. =P

    Bakit mahirap mag-let go? Kasi ayaw mong tanggapin na hindi ka na mahal ng mahal mo. Yun lang yun eh.Hahaha!

    Kung nagmahal ka dahil lang sa looks ng isang tao, hindi talaga love yun. Pano kung pumangit na siya? Eh 'di hindi mo na siya mahal?

    Hindi ka manhid. Sadyang hindi mo pa siguro naramdaman na ma-inlove. Pero seryoso, hindi ka pa nga naiinlove??


    NOW is the best time to tell yourself that LOVE is still a mystery. After all, you wouldn't ask all these things about love kung hindi siya mystery para sa'yo 'di ba?


    (at hindi ka insane bro. Curious ka lang. Hehehe! =P)

  2. naku carmigz ang haba naman niyan! hahaha. salamat dude! =]

  3. /d-e-f-e-n-s-i-v-e/ xP
    sorry, i do not have anything to share..

    *harhar, another innocent*

  4. so deep thoughts...tsk..tsk...tsk...ambot lng pud! d man ko katubag sa kadaghan sa questions! hahaha

  5. aclg: N-G-E-K!!!

    BASTIAN!!!!: hahaha amaw jud! how do we make babies ba ang ipang example? haha