Friday, April 10, 2009

Caffeinated Thoughts

Today, the weather is killing me. I guess this is the way that the Almighty God has to remind us that today is the day where His only son saved us from our sins. Imagine this crazy scenario:

At 12.30 pm, the sun was shining brightly and you noticed that your electric fan is already sweating and panting.

After two hours the weather started to change abruptly.

2.30 pm: The first drop of rain hit the ground and lasted for 30 seconds, leaving an unpleasant smell emitted from the once wretched and arid soil.

Then for almost an hour, the area around us became radically dark, mimicking the scene from Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ where Christ had died on the cross an hour after he was nailed by those Roman soldiers.

Okay, I haven’t attended any Bisita Iglesia or have participated on any ritualistic Filipino tradition, Pabasa. I haven’t experienced these holy adventures to be honest with you. But yeah, I will try my best to do such things during Holy Week. But how soon is soon? Is it when my life in the future would suck big time and the only “person” that I could talk with my predicaments is God? Nah, I won’t wait for that moment. I should be thankful for my subsistence and the life that I’ve been experiencing for almost nineteen years.

So basically what I did today, aside from doing derisive things like reading a sci-fi book, attempted on watching Mamma Mia online and doing this entry, is to drink a cup of coffee. It complements with the cold weather today and I have to drink something that my system has been craving for a very long time. It’s been two and half weeks since my last cup. It’s something very significant to my life that I just want to indulge (or drown) with it forever in my life. A cup of coffee is like a drug, like a chocolate, like a stick of cigarette, or like your long lost lover.

I have to do whatever it takes just to have a cup of coffee.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not prohibited of drinking coffee.

But here’s the real deal.

People crave for intangible things, say power. They do whatever they can just to achieve their dreams in every possible ways no matter what. Morality isn’t a big issue, after all. All they want is to have power on to their own hands. Of course, history didn’t fail to amuse us, that is, if you’re a big fan of this subject. In school, it has taught us that the world has undergone several leaders that craves for power and did something horrible to the society.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Gengkhis Khan, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Mao Zedong… uuhhh, do they ring a bell to you?

Apparently, everyone can be like that. Nations may have suffered too much brought about by these notorious leaders, but there are some who wreak unimaginable havoc to the society, in a subtle way. Some people, for example may become spiteful to others, so green that they want to be on top and leaves certain damages to others. This is common in schools, companies, and even in the government!

Sometimes, they even take advantage to those people who are actually nice. They help those who are in need, but in reality, those who are in need are just faking it and eventually emerge on to his bittersweet victory, leaving the nice person to accept its demise. Shall we consider it as a victory?

Okay blame this entry for coffee. It just made me realize something about life. But I think everyone has the capability to realize these simple things.


Let’s drink coffee again, shall we? And we’ll talk anything under the sun. Ahhh, I can now foresee a perfect venue for a date – a coffee shop.

:) xD *wink.

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