Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idolizing Discotheques

I should say that this is the good time to venture on a numinous business of tarot card reading, most especially on predicting the outcome of American Idol’s disco week. The discotheque week of the show would either have a humdrum upshot or due its inexorableness, the show will conclude in one of the biggest surprises ever. Nevertheless, the former is likely to occur than the latter. The seven remaining soon-to-be-idols-of-the-music-industry have made their best shot but sometimes, even if you tried your best, there comes a time when your best isn’t good enough.

Consider Lil Rounds. She’s a great singer and I have to agree with that. But her predicament keeps on repeating on to the show, as well as the comments and suggestions made by the four judges. Simon couldn’t wait for her predicted demise tomorrow. I think the best song for her, if ever she leaves the competition is James Ingram’s Just Once.

I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough…

Too bad Lil, there’s a slim chance that you’ll be on the Top 5. Coldplay’s Fix You is also appropriate on Lil’s current quandary.

When you try your best but you don’t succeed…

Awww. Okay, I’m getting a lil’ harsh with Lil. Oops.

Kris Allen may be short of height but he never fails to stand out on the stage. It seems that he’s taller than Yao Ming when he belts the high notes. If Paula was an ice, she should have melted faster than the normal rate and a Pool of Abdul would be visible beneath Simon’s chair. Thanks Ryan for that, uuuh, joke. Girls really love him so much, and so as Simon. Kidding.

I do not remember anything significant that occurred on the ninth month of year, until Danny Gokey sang Earth Wind and Fire’s September. As usual, he puts his own husky rifts and adlibs which made the simple Disco song into a super disco one. His performance is as hot as Allison Iraheta’s Hot Stuff. Both of them were great and I think it’s going to be a tough competition if they’re in the final five, together with tender dog, Kris.

But the competition gets hotter, wilder and uhh, crazier with Adam Lambert. As usual, he didn’t fail to smash the judges and the studio audiences. It seems he exerts minimal efforts whenever he belts on to the hair-raising high notes. He’s definitely the bomb on to this show. Then again the judges, most especially Paula have been consistent of seeing Lambert on the final episode.

But a lot of people fail to recognize Matt Giraud’s talent. I think he really deserves to be saved by the judges a week ago. He has the talent but I really think he lacks this star quality or whatnot. If we compare him to the three crowd favorites, namely Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, he didn’t stand out that much. But yeah, people will soon realize how talented he is, with the utmost support of the judges.

Forget about Anoop Desai. I think he’s getting bored on the show or is it the other way around? Whatever. He sings well. That’s it. Period. Being in the bottom three for three consecutive weeks is really hard, but I guess he’s getting immune with America’s verdict. You should join Lil as she gracefully exits the stage tomorrow. She can shake your booty whilst you flash your almost perfect grin on the national television. You have a great smile, as what Paula quipped after you sang your song. What’s your song again, Anoop? Sorry, I forgot it, again.

But definitely, aside from your talent, we will never forget Lil’s big butt and Anoop’s signature grin.

But who knows, right? The future is not foreseeable. Maybe tomorrow, Lil and Anoop will stay on the show while Danny and Adam will savor their last moments on to the show. Now that’s freaky.

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