Friday, April 24, 2009

Myth Buster: Beyoncé's Lovely Voice

For the past fifty years, we all have witnessed the different technological advancements on various fields on biology, mathematics, computer science, forensic science, and the list goes on and on and on. We have already known that the body and faces of models in plush and glossy magazines were enhanced by digital editing program like the ever reliable Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes their physiques have been altered to hide some flaws to achieve faultlessness.

We once thought that only experts can handle this job. But today, everything’s different.

Even a common individual has full capabilities on media editing, as long as he knows how to use various programs related to this. Videos, music, voices, pictures can be easily abridged in just one click and can be further enhanced with the help of inventiveness.

Recently, I got hooked with this video from YouTube. In this video, Beyoncé sang her latest single, If I Were a Boy on a live show in New York with a terrible voice. At first I can’t believe on how appalling her voice is. She had won numerous Grammy awards and with that voice, I think it’s a wayward idea of her winning and claiming those prestigious awards. I can’t help but laugh on her voice squeaky out-of-tuned voice.

All were confused and disappointed until this video appeared on YouTube.

Apparently, this YouTube user, Matthew aka aladin82 made a confession that he was responsible of altering Beyoncé’s voice. He explained the process of different ways on changing the diva’s voice. Just a few clicks and some basic knowledge on notes, tones and variations, altering voices would be effortless. But using Beyoncé as a subject for his experiment is not a great idea. But I can see his points of posting such videos. It’s an eye-opener, a surprising revelation from the tri-media sector.

Not everything you see on TV and magazines are real.
Not everything you hear on the radio is real.

And now, the critical judgment lies on us.

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