Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitty Bird

Almost everyday, when I check my Yahoo! Mail, I get numerous invites from my friends and online buddies telling me to join Twitter.

I am pretty much familiar with the platform of Twitter. It is the same as Plurk, minus the Karma madness. Both of are social networking sites which allow users to shout their current state of mind, their status shout outs, whatnots, sweet nothings, greetings and etc. Users are allowed to write anything as long as it's only a hundred forty (140) characters long. Now this is what you call microblogging. You don't need to blog something in more than a thousand words, but instead you need to state your points directly.

I already have an account in Plurk. I joined Plurk last September 20-something 2008. At first I thought microblogging was more exciting than anything else. Plus, people are becoming crazy of accumulating more karma points, more smileys to choose from and more friends and fans to add with. But when you reach Nirvana (starting from 81.00 karma points), the drama starts to unfold and everything gets dull and boring as time goes by.

You know, I already have accounts from different social networking sites (as well as blog sites).

I have 3 accounts in Multiply.
I have an account in Friendster and I rarely open it.
I have an account in and God, why did I sign up on that site in the first place?! Maybe I should cancel it though.
I have a Plurk too and karma’s almost 97. Like who cares.
I have a Facebook and somehow it connects me to my old classmates and distant relatives which I think will play a significant role in the near future.
I have several accounts on different blog sites namely Blogger (my first home), Livejournal, Wordpress,, Windows Live Spaces,,, and in G-blog (because I had to have an account there).
I also have an account on YouTube, well just for commenting and video streaming purposes.

I have watched a news clip from Yahoo! and it tackles about different Hollywood celebrities who have recently joined Twitter (boo Plurk for having less celebrities on your site, lol). It all started with Ashton Kutcher’s dare and I think it had attracted internet users to join Twitter. According to the news, in just three months, the number of registered users has increased by up to 700%, thanks to the advertising powers of the stars. Even Oprah Winfrey had just signed to Twitter about a week ago or two.

So, should I join the bandwagon?

The answer is NO.


The answer is simple. Hindi ko na siya ma-follow up or ma-update ng todo-todo. Plurk seemed enough already and the platform is pretty much the same.

But then again, my behavior is not inevitable. If you possess this “ultimate convincing powers”, then convince me why should I join Twitter.

I’ll be waiting for your replies. :)

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