Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Check Yes.. Summer!

This is going to be the longest break ever. I mean, I don’t like the admin’s idea to abolish summer class (except if it’s a part of your curriculum or a practicum). Grrr. So I have to allocate the remaining time this summer break. Psshh.

Anyhow, this is my checklist for this summer break.


One. Your future lies on the deep blue sea. Finalize my topic on my thesis. I was thinking of optimizing the environmental conditions of Sea cucumbers (Holothuria scabra). Hmm, I’ll email Mammy Gamby soon. I need to get the contact numbers of Mammy’s RAs (Research Assistants) so that I can somehow join their marine expeditions in the near future. Oh yeah, classmates if your inclination is in the field of Marine Biology, c’mon, join me as I venture the realm of the deep blue sea. LOL.

Two. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Speaking of marine expedititions, sometime this summer, I’ll attend a one day scuba lesson somewhere in Talikud Island. I hope dad will accompany me since he thinks my thesis is really dangerous for I have to deal with the strong currents of the Davao Gulf. Ugggh. Sorry dad, but I’m an adventurous lad and I’m not afraid to take risks, even if my life is at stake. Seriously, I understand your concern, so join me!

Three. Read books, and e-books. I haven’t finished Fairyland (Paul J. McAuley). God, I have to finish this book as soon as possible! After that, I’ll start on Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. But I think two months on reading the thirteen books (or e-books in my case) isn’t enough. Haha.

Four. Be a Biochem Geek. Review, read and understand Biochemistry. Since I have understood the cycles, the applications of those cellular metabolisms in life, I’ll just have to extend my knowledge beyond the lecture handouts. Too bad, I didn’t do well in her exams since I ain’t a big fan of memorizing terms which aren’t accompanied with calculations. Pfft, bummer. Okay I have to nail Chem 160 next semester.

Speaking of Biochem, I went to school yesterday to get my batch shirt from Neil. While running in the stairs, I came across with my Organic Chem prof. I greeted him, and he smiled and make a remark, “Magretake ka pala ng 160? Bakit?!” Naah. I just laughed and gave a plausible reason behind my failure, “Hindi kasi ako nag aral sir. Hehe”

Five. Oozing Juices. So yeah, it is summer, so why not spend my time in front of my laptop and doodle anything in Adobe Photoshop? I mean, it’s one of the ways of expressing my own self, well aside from writing blog entries. Though, I still have to learn how to create wonderful vector-related arts because I suck on using pen tool. Oh, practice makes perfect, but then again nobody’s perfect, so why practice? Haha. Stupid but at some point of my life, the infamous saying from Aiai de las Alas’ latest flick makes sense. Lol.

Six. Write as if there’s no tomorrow. So yeah, normally when I really have topics on my mind, I usually write three blog entries per day, but I think it’s a bit overwhelming. But yeah, I’ll write something that is related to my life, your life or about anything under the sun. It may be a sensible entry or not, it depends. Haha.

Seven. Get a LIFE. If don’t have money, then I do not have a choice but to stay home. I ain’t a big fan of window shopping, you know. But yeah, I’m talking about real adventures. I am willing to spend my whole allowance on bungee jumping, zip line or spent an overnight stay in Camp Sabros. Speaking of Camp Sabros, I’m very interested on mountain climbing. But then again, my mind can do it but my body can’t. You see, I’m not that type of dude who loves exercise, or obsessed with his muscular physique. Ugh, I do not have Adonis Complex for crying out loud. But according to dad, who had climbed Mount Apo twice or thrice, you need to prepare for at least one month before the scheduled climb. Mount Apo is one of the most difficult mountains to climb. But yeah, I’m very interested to find some endemic species in that majestic dormant volcano, thanks to Doc Obsioma’s wonderful slides in Philippine Biodiversity. I want to meet Batrachostomus septimus aka Philippine Frogmouth. BWOOOK!

Eight. Ala Critique. Watch movies in the cinema and write a review about it. Period.

Nine. Summer acoustics. Listen to songs that could somehow relate to summer, well it depends on your imagination. I always listen to these songs:

a) I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis) – It reminds me of last year’s summer trip and the bumpy road trip to Maragusan. Reminds me of the beach too!

b) I’m Yours (Jason Mraz) – with his playful style on his guitar, it feels summer all year round whenever I listen to this song.

c) Vienna (The Fray) – I listen to this song whenever I want to meditate.

d) Built to Last (Mêlèe) – Ralph introduced this song to me last year. You’ve guessed it right.

e) Read My Mind (The Killers) – I will always remember my overnight stay in a beach last summer 2007.

Ten. Clean the house. Nothing beats this ‘natural’ form of exercise. Sheesh.

How about you? What’s your summer checklist? :)

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