Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prey (Michael Crichton): Book Review

Prey is one of Michael Crichton’s techno-thriller novels. It tells the story about Jack Forman, a father of three, jobless and the lovely husband of Julia Forman, who embarks on a quest to solve the series of mishaps of the latest scientific innovation of nanotechnology. The novel was indeed compelling, the plot was delivered in a straightforward manner and the facts were presented evidently.

We all lived in a cynical world and reading this novel makes you realize that a small mistake would lead into a catastrophic disaster. Small things, like the programmed nanoparticles can coalesce with each other and wreak unimaginable havoc to humans. It’s an eye opener for us, and gives us an opportunity to take a peek on to the possible drawbacks of science and technology.

I think Biology, Computer Science and Biotechnology majors could relate or even love this novel. Imagine the intricate courses like Biology, Computer Science and Genetic Engineering in just one book.

A great book, kudos to the late Michael Crichton.

One of my favorite authors (I love Robert Ludlum too!). Sigh.

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