Friday, May 01, 2009

Wrinkled Forehead

Old people are sometimes cranky that you end up thinking of giving them up on an institution that takes care of them. But no, Homes for the Aged aren’t that prevalent in our country due to our culture. Sometimes, they do not comprehend on today’s generation. They are fond of giving sermons to the younger generations and apparently, their ideas are a little bit far-fetched and already impractical. They sometimes pass their frustrations (like being a doctor but failed med school on their era) to their sons/daughters or even to their grand sons and daughters. Luckily, my grandparents aren’t like that. Phew.

We often shout at them because we have to. It’s not because of being rude. If we speak in a normal voice, they tend to accuse us of being uncouth because they thought we’re just whispering to them and they can’t understand what we are talking about. Take note that as we grow old, our body reflexes slow down and our five senses start to dwindle, but not entirely - the qualities of the five senses are just becoming dull.

We often take them for granted, believing those words coming from their mouth are pure rubbish. But let us be considerate sometimes. Old people are very lucky since they have existed for more than sixty years. If they give sermons, just listen. If you’re uninterested with their puritan behavior, just don’t show you’re apathetic. Let their “words of wisdom” enter your left ear and exit to your right ear simultaneously, unless if it’s important. But I tell you, I find it enjoyable when listening to their sermons. You can really see how the gradual changes in the society had changed and shaped our beliefs.

They may be annoying due to their infuriating behavior. But old farts should be treated fair and square no matter what. Let them enjoy life to the fullest.

You know, life can be compared to one of the basic principles of thermodynamics:

In the irreversible process the initial state of the system and surroundings cannot be restored from the final state.

So as life. You can’t return to the past and fix those mistakes.

Let them live to the ripe age.
Let them breathe.

Let them relish life up to the last second, up to the last drop of it.

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