Thursday, May 14, 2009

Idol says Goodbye to Danny the Great

Today, America as well as some selected countries in the world has witnessed the shocking demise of Danny Gokey. We all know that it was indeed a very close fight between the three remaining idols. It was indeed a very hard battle on the telephone and SMS lines the moment Ryan announced the go signal of the two hour ritual of America. Imagine this: Over 88 million votes have generated for only two hours! Without a doubt, America has gone gaga with this show.

So finally, after the nationwide voting, Danny was booted out from the show.

From the looks of Kris Allen, he was indeed surprised when Ryan first announced that he’s going to the season finale, and so as Adam Lambert.

So why Danny did had an early departure on the show?

  • First of all, American Idol is a contest. In every contest, there’s always a winner, and a loser. We all know that the three of them are great artists and comes with various styles, like Danny on pop rock and classic ballad, Kris on contemporary pop and Adam on glam rock. Well, let’s look on the brighter side. Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson may not have won the title, but look at them, they were all famous right now in the music industry!
  • And second, you should know the nature of Statistics. There’s a slim chance that the 88 million votes would be EQUALLY distributed with the three remaining contestants. Now if that event happens today, dang, the gods, goddesses and demigods must be crazy as hell.

Even if Danny didn’t make it to the final three, people still love him, most especially his fellow Milwaukee natives. There are reasons why he had so many supporters.

  • One, we love his voice no matter what. The huskiness of it shapes and makes the Danny Gokey that we know since day one. He never fails to amuse us.
  • Second we’re really touched by his sad story. I’m sure Sophia is so proud to his hubby, Danny. Now, for every reality show, one must have a SSTT or sad story to tell to get some attention from the televiewers. Oh yeah, his story was touching but sometimes it gets overrated as time goes by. But hell, we didn’t care about it after he sang his whole heart on his audition.

Third, we all love his moves, despite being criticized by your highness, Lord Simon Cowell. Oh yeah, his tummy is getting bigger. Teehee!

But yeah, we won’t forget the humble beginnings of Danny Gokey.

The Danny that had touched our hearts through his ups and downs of his life…
The Danny that always inspire us through his talent…
And, the Danny that always entertains us with his unique moves.

We won’t forget his scream during the Rock week though.

Rock on, Danny!

And yeah, the battle continues with Kris and Adam.

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