Saturday, May 23, 2009

Under the Sun

Lately, I’m getting sick and tired with the news. The sex scandal Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili isn’t fresh anymore. I’m getting annoyed with it. And yeah, Senator Bong Revilla is a hypocrite. It’s obvious.

Speaking of TV, it’s so sad that all of my favorite TV shows have come to its end. All good things have come to an end. First, it was Amazing Race, and then followed by American Idol. What the heck. So I’m back on surfing the realm of internet but sometimes I find this a boring activity if I visit my favorite sites over and over again. Reading books would be my very last resort if I had done all possible things just to enjoy myself. Category 7 is my latest read. Ooooh, I want to buy Anansi Boys and American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have to read them before school starts.

So last night was fun. Lyle turned 18 and the party was cool. But we didn’t have a post party affair. All were tired and wanted to go home last night. So I’ll grab pictures from Mon, Von and Mikko. Yey! Grabber on the loose!

God, this is the first summer that I haven’t gone to the beach. Believe it or not, my skin complexion isn’t appropriate for the whole summer break. It seemed that I lived in a landlocked place like the American Midwest. Wait, I have gone to the beach once, last April but it was for my thesis. I think I have mentioned this on my previous entries, but heck, I am still bothered by it.

What else?

Ah! I have to cook for my dinner. Actually, I’m going to cook rice and just order my viand to our local chef. HAHAHA. I'm all alone in the house, you know.

So, how’s your life buddy?

(btw, this is so beautiful.)

Cebu Pacific Airbus A319, final approach on Davao International Airport's RunwayAlign Center 05.

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