Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Lambert or Adam Allen?

As what Ryan Seacrest had said, “It is the battle between the Guy Next Door and the Guy Liner”. He should have said Gay Liner instead of the Guy Liner, but hell who cares. This is the most surprising season of this show for it showcased two totally different singers: the rock god Adam Lambert and the acoustic rock god, Kris Allen. The multitude inside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles screamed as they waited for their bet to perform for the last time.

To start off the show, Lambert didn’t fail to stun us with the performance of his own choice of song, “Mad World” which was performed during the “Year They Were Born” week. Likewise it was impossible to outdo his original performance. I don’t know how he does that feat but I guess he deserves to be in the last performance night of the show. On the other hand, the tender dog Kris chose “Ain’t No Sunshine”. He performed it during the “Popular iTunes Download” week. Then again, it was still a compelling performance. When Ryan asked Simon who won the first round, without a doubt he proclaimed Kris as the winner.

For the second round, the creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller had the chance to choose a song for the two remaining finalists. Fuller opted “A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)” for Adam Lambert and it was indeed a gripping performance for him. Likewise Lambert had proved to the whole world that he is INDEED a performer. Fuller choice for Kris Allen, “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye was a little bit safe for me but he had this special ability to grasp with the song’s emotions and blast it to the audience. Apparently, it was an “Allenizing” rendition of this Marvin Gaye hit. For this round, Adam Lambert stole the limelight from Kris Allen. Still, Allen’s performance was great and he too deserves to be on the final performance night.

For the third and final round, both Idol finalists sang an original song co-written by an Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi entitled “No Boundaries”. It was somehow a test of who really deserves to be the next American Idol because the song was not the right type for the two finalists. It was like forcing David Archuleta to sing the sultry “Ring of Fire”. Lambert tried so hard to show off his solid theatrical performance while Allen tried to put his own mark to the song. Both of them were out of their comfort zones. But in the end, the four judges were proud seeing the two finalists on their final performance night.

It was indeed a long journey for both Kris and Adam. We saw their developments and clearly it would be so hard to choose between the two of them. Let’s find out tomorrow of will be crowned the next American Idol at 8am LIVE, straight from the US on Star World and QTv. It is a special two hour show. We do not know who will be performing tomorrow. Let’s watch for the final result night.

Oh yeah, I should say this: KRIS ALLEN FOR THE WIN!

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