Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top Three

If I were in America right now, I would be on the phone, dialing the 1-866 numbers for two straight hours.

The American Idol heat is on. 12 hours from now, the whole world will know who will be performing for the show’s season finale.

What is good on this episode was the judges had the chance to make a special song requests to the three remaining idols. Paula requested Danny Gokey to sing Dance Little Sister (Terence Trent D'Arby), Randy and Kara on Kris Allen (Apologize by One Republic) and Adam Lambert had granted Simon’s simple request by singing his ultimate favorite song, One by U2.

Check this out dawg.

Danny sang Dance Little Sister and I thought his performance was great since it was perfect. Great choice Paula! The important thing for Danny was the huskiness of his voice. Although I have noticed that Danny’s tummy’s getting bigger than the previous episodes. Hmmm. I remember when the three of them gathered in the stage during the quick recap of their performances Kris patted him not on his shoulder but to his tummy. How cute is that. Hahaha.

Speaking of the Tender Dawg aka the Dark Horse, Kris, I got excited and overwhelmed when I learned that he was going to sing my ultimate favorite song, Apologize by One Republic. He may not be the best performer on the first half of the episode, but heck his own rendition of One Republic’s Apologize was satisfactorily good.

Oh yes, I can sense that Simon got this tingly sensation when Adam sang his favorite song, One by U2. Nothing had changed. Adam continued to wow the audience as well as the four judges since the audition day. Then again, Paula keeps on telling that he’s going to be on the finals. God Paula, you’re already like a broken record. But I have to agree with you. Teehee!

The second half of the show was better. Danny’s rendition of Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful was pretty simple but he had this ability to let the emotions from the song to pierce through the hearts of the four judges and the audience as well. We all know that Kanye West can’t sing. Oh yes, his voice can be easily edited and fabricated with the help of special computer programs in the music industry. Likewise, his hit single Heartless deserved to be performed by a more deserving artist. Sorry Kanye, but I ain’t a big fan of your conjured voice. Armed only with an acoustic guitar Kris Allen bravely battled on that song in the stage and without a doubt, it was his best performance so far, next to his own rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine. At first, I thought Adam wouldn’t be serious on the show since he was so good that he needn’t to give his best shot. But no, he was so serious in the competition and he really wanted to win the title. He chose Cryin’ by Aerosmith and his vocals were mad. At the audience his mom cried. At least he made his parents super proud despite the controversies that lifted in the internet during the competition. But, America’s not that narrow minded for crying out loud. The hell they care about Adam’s flamboyancy, weird eyeliner makeup and the freaky black nails.

Anyhow, people have made different ways to “scream” to their idols just to show their utmost support:

Kiss me, Kris
Go, go, go, go, go, go GOKEY!
Damn, Adam, you’re GREAT!

Oh yeah before I forget, Katy Perry and the Season 6 winner of the show, Jordin Sparks will be performing tomorrow.

I really can’t wait for the verdict.

Who’s your bet?!

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