Monday, May 04, 2009

Bulilit Days

Hahaha. :))

Roughly twelve to fifteen years ago, wala talaga akong pakialam sa sarili ko. Okay, I know how to comb my hair in an old fashioned way and I ain't a big fan of looking and grooming in front of the mirror.

And twelve to fifteen years ago, I'm quite chubby.

Twelve to fifteen years later, my jawline became prominent, so prominent that I look like a skull, yung nakikita niyo sa symbol ng poison nga, or the skull that you always see sa mga Pirates.. sa cartoons nga? Whatever. :))

I wish tumaba ako kahit ng konti.

Bulilit days: No fuss, lots and LOTS of adventures, and uhhmmm, the famous hairdo of kids back in the 90s - "Iskrab hairdo".

Today: Super OC, tons of kaartehan paraphernalias, technology, and peer pressure (well not in my case). :))

Mahilig pala tatay ko sa "candid" shots. Lol. :))

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