Thursday, May 28, 2009

School of Rock

Are you anxious because school is imminent?

Do you ask this question often: “Why May does feel like SUNDAY?”

Well, you have this syndrome called SiNS or School-is-Near Syndrome.

Every year, we spend ten grueling months of studying, getting sleep deprivations and ugly faces. C’mon, we always look forward for a summer or semestral break a week before the final examinations. We just hope that we could skip the exams and embrace the much-awaited break wholeheartedly, or not. There are reasons why school rocks and we should be thankful because not all of us had this opportunity to study. Here are some:

Number one. Kung walang knowledge, walang power.
School isn’t just a bunch of buildings with teachers who just teach students for the sake of earning. No, we must not forget that the school is an institution which governs us by teaching not just on academics but on our behavior as well. Everyone has the right to have an access to education.

Number two. Puppy Love. Admit it.
You just want to go to school because you just want to see your ultimate crush. Period. It will make your day complete.

Number three. Money, money, money!
Summer break’s cool because you are free from dealing with those crappy laboratory written reports, surprise long exams and the terrifying faces of your professors. But despite the freedom, you are broke, unless you have a summer job or things that will help you earn big time during your break. School may suck, but it makes you save a lot of money and buy your favorite things at store.

Number four. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!
Isn’t it exciting when you get to bond with your closest friends in school? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, your baby brother almost ruined your Twilight books. You and your friends in school share common interests, talk as if there’s no tomorrow, backbite those grumpy old professors together and even sleep together during a dull lecture about your professor’s oh-so wonderful college life.

Number five. Status: Busy.
Studies have shown that one had a great tendency to develop short-term memory since the brain isn’t getting enough mental exercise. Not all of us like answering IQ tests, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku on a daily basis. Reading books and listening to your favorite genre of music isn’t enough. Challenge your brain and it will challenge you too. Just remember that too much “brainiac” activity is bad to one’s health. It will make you crazy, literally.

Number six. What goes around comes around.
When you’re in school, you always get new adventures and thus life in school isn’t bound on a cycle, unlike on summer breaks. You do the same things over and over again. At least school won’t bore you to death.

Number seven. School is the best diet pills.
Yep, with all those accumulated stress, school won’t make you fat, even if you have eaten the whole planet. This is the best diet plan that ever existed in this lone planet. Hahaha!

And the last but not the least:

Number eight. Life’s like that.
Everyday we encounter different types of teachers, but in the end, they want us to learn not just from the books and presentations that they have taught us, but also they want us to grow and show progress in life.

So you think school sucks? Think again.

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