Monday, May 11, 2009

Reality Check

Ah yes. The reality shows that I’ve been watching since Day One had finally come to its end. First on the line was The Amazing Race (Season 14). I didn’t expect that the challenges were that short but I really think that carrying a hundred forty pound of pig in relatively long distance is a tough task. Also, I did expect that the final task would be a puzzle, like remembering all those tasks, road blocks, and detours from the first leg to the latest.

Margie and Luke may have won the million bucks only if Luke didn’t commit a crucial mistake on the last two surf boards. Plus, I think his mind went into a bedlam state when he saw the arrival of Tammy and Victor. Then again, the former NFL cheerleaders, Jaime and Cara were STILL very unlucky on choosing their cab driver.

To conclude the fourteenth season of the race, Tammy and Victor won the million dollars, followed by the aggressive Jaime and Cara and the last but not the least, the first deaf racer of this season, the mother and son tandem, Margie and Luke.

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As what the previous seasons have shown on TV, the eliminated racers will come to the top three teams and give them hugs and kisses, whether if it’s genuine or not. But the important thing is Tammy and Victor deserved to win the million dollars. Woohoo! Hurray for the first Asian team to win the award winning reality show, The Amazing Race.

Tune in for the fifteenth season of The Amazing Race. I think they have started filming the race already or they already have finalized the final set of eleven teams. CBS will air the latest season this fall or winter.

Next week, it’s going to be the season finale of American Idol. Ooooh yeah. May the best man win.

Wait…Did I say “man”?!

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