Monday, May 25, 2009

Take the road less traveled

Most of the people I know do not want to be alone. Worse, some of them have Autophobia, the fear of being alone. But in my case, it’s different. Sometimes I love being alone. I may be loquacious to my friends but I find my inner peace whenever I’m alone. You may find it a boring activity, but yes I love it. If only I had a million bucks, I would like to travel around the world even if I’m alone although, I also love to travel with my loved ones to different places.

Traveling is one of my dreams. That’s why I took BS Bio for it had so many travel opportunities and it excites me so much whenever there are upcoming trips from my major subjects.

Someday, I’ll post my travel pictures from my future trips. I wish before my demise, I would travel to different places, from East to West, from Arctic to Antarctica.

Traveling alone seemed to be an “emo” activity but duh, I won’t cut my wrist just to gain attention. Pfft.

Hahaha. :))

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