Sunday, May 17, 2009

15 Things to Muse With

There are things that keep on bothering me; well at least something’s bothering me. At last.

One. Birds of a same feather flock together – so as losers.

Two. He, who keeps on muttering bad things about someone, even if that someone didn’t do anything, is guilty and jealous.

Three. I am now officially obsessed with Angels and Demons. For crying out loud, I’m not obsessed with Ayelet Zurer. It’s just I find the movie fantastic though the book is better than the movie. But it didn’t bore me to death, compared to Da Vinci Code. Lousy script. At least it was compromised by Hans Zimmer’s creativity. My fascination with Modern Physics has now returned. Yey!

Four. If I win a million bucks, the first two things that I would purchase are grand piano and a Roland Fantom Keyboard.

Five. The summer season had ended too early. The rainy season should start on the month of June, but I guess the predictions of Al Gore were starting to show up. Freaky.

Six. I haven’t gone to the beach this summer. What a bummer. Wait, I have GONE to the beach actually, last April but it was somehow to my thesis. Still, it’s a nerve-wracking but enjoyable activity with my adviser and her funky research team. Haha.

Seven. When I was child, I often see those protests about the election anomalies on TV and I find them to be violent and their acts were inhumane. Now I understand why they have to do such violent things, because in the first place, those corrupt officials have just functioned as the catalyst of our nation’s despotism. Waiting for our turn to vote under the sweltering heat of the sun plus the forever chaotic voting precincts is not a joke. And changing our votes is not funny. In our own vernacular tongue, ang pagboto, dile na siya pa-char-char ra. Yawa mo.

Eight. At long last, I have a good standing in my school. I need not to worry with my singko. Duh.

Nine. I need to buy another novel and this time it should be a Robert Ludlum book. I don’t like it when I read the book so fast. Err.

Ten. If your laptop’s motherboard gets busted, don’t bother of buying a brand new motherboard. Buy a brand new laptop instead.

Eleven. I think I should broaden my knowledge on web designing. Earning thirty thousand bucks per website is cool.

Twelve. The existence of ‘impossible’ is impossible. There’s no such thing as impossible. It’s just people aren’t focused or determined to reach their goals in life.

Thirteen. I feel sleepy and lazy whenever it rains. The cold weather stimulates my mind.

Fourteen. I missed flying kites and riding a bicycle. When I was young I used to fly kites together with my grandfather and today the two tires of my bike were all flat and useless. Sheesh. I’m so lazy to repair it.

Fifteen. This isn’t a tag.

Juliet, Juliet, where the hell are you?!


  1. Drinking an ice-cold Coke while reading this post was such a bad idea. After reading # 7, the Coke just went out of my mouth down to my shirt and the computer keyboard. Dammit Renzy!

  2. bitaw ate jey... samok kaayo na sila :))))