Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dark Horse: Kris Allen

The finale of American Idol was indeed a bomb. Seacrest didn’t announce of who will be performing for the final results night yesterday so apparently tonight’s episode (pertaining to the local time in America) was packed with surprises and twists. There’s this pseudo-Golden Globe Awards Night where Norman Gentle, Bikini Girl and Tatiana del Torro won their respective loony awards.

I didn’t expect Fergie, Queen, Jason Mraz, Queen Latifa, Kiss and the others as guest performers on American Idol’s final episode. Likewise the finale didn’t bore me. It was fun, though there are some stints that were obviously scripted.

But anyway the show had set a new record, garnering almost a hundred million votes in just four hours. Ryan didn’t say the gap between the two finalists but I really think it was a close fight between Allen and Lambert.

And now the 2009 American Idol is none other than…

The Dark Horse…
The Tender Dawg…


And yes, Conway, Arkansas rejoiced for Allen’s victory. It was indeed a marvelous season for America Idol. Even if Adam Lambert didn’t win this competition, it would still be easy to discern that these two finalists or three, including Danny or four, plus Allison are going to be famous, just like the two Davids, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

So, Congratulations Kris. Hope you had a bright future in the music industry. I know you can do it since you can “allenize” the whole town.

PS: This is so unbelievable. At first, I thought Adam or Danny would be on the finale. But no, everything is unexpected. As what had Kara asserted: He is indeed the DARK HORSE of this competition.

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  1. I was really hoping that Adam will win but i'm still happy for Kris. He deserves it.