Friday, May 08, 2009

Mga Magulang ni Isko't Iska

I thought I was the only night freak alive in this wee hour of the morning. Actually, sunrise is nearing and the sky’s condition (while typing this entry) had this dramatic dark blue haze stretching from the eastern horizon. But, I was a little bit surprised when my former Ecology professor posted a comment on one of my albums in my Facebook. Yey, at least di ako nagiisa.

I find it hard to sleep again. I slept at around ten in the evening and woke up at almost three in the morning with no apparent reasons. Seriously, I just found myself lying in my bed, staring in the pitch black of the room and bearing to an almost absolute-zero temperature of my room. Just kidding! :))

So for three days straight I am in UP because Chippy wanted me to help the student council. So I didn’t vacillate myself to help them since all of the officers were my friends too. It was a fun experience, actually, meeting new anxious and nervous faces of incoming freshies of UPMin and laughing our asses off with those nonsense jokes. Speaking of jokes, I really had a hard time to decipher some of the incoming freshmen’s email address. I was assigned to make a database and their email addresses were mad, like: and Of course, yadayada does not exist in the cyberworld, but I assure you, some of the email addresses were crazy.

(CCW): Kuya Sonny, Me, Chippy, Rennel and John

Step 4: ID thingy, insurance and etc.

Yesterday, I was a bit surprised by the number of students who attended the orientation. The said event was held at the AVR and it was a fairly large place. But then, the place was heaved with fretful faces of the freshies and the excited looks of their parents. WAIT. Did I say write/say parents? My God! It’s not a bad thing, actually to bring your parents in the freshmen orientation, but heck, they’re [your sons and daughters] about to enter college. Oh well. Two years ago, when I attended our freshmen orientation, I didn’t see any mothers, fathers or even guardians lurking in our school’s Lorenzo Hall. I can’t imagine myself having my mom in the orientation proper, pampering me with all those donuts and McDo stuffs during recess and lunch breaks. Yikes.

On the brighter side, the presence of the parents in the orientation actually makes the Q & A portion resilient and alive, at least. Freshies don’t have enough guts to speak in front of stranglers… este… strangers.

Anyhow, I’ll be going to school again and this time, I’ll be their tour guide for the day. I’ll be touring them around the campus, particularly in the College of Science and Mathematics. This seems to be an exciting job.

I’ll just give them my warmest welcome to UP…


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