Tuesday, May 12, 2009

State of Emergency

Panic at the disco.

Right now, I have to comply with the requirements for my scholarship. I would do anything, even the seemingly impossible things as long as I only have to pay 70.50 pesos every semester. How cool is that.

But three hundred and sixty four days from now, it would be the 2010 Elections. It’s the time where Filipinos unite and cast their own bets, favorites or whatnots. Apparently, this scholarship thing has something to do with the 2010 election. Hmmm, something’s fishy goin’ on around here.

But anyway, we have made a promise that we should do well in our academics thus for instance we shouldn’t have a grade of singko or drop a certain subject. Unfortunately, I fell on to the deep crevices of the institution. Life in UP isn’t that easy for crying out loud. So, if my Certificate of Good Standing didn’t state that I have a good standing (oh please Ate Bem, at least you may have seen my grades from other subjects… at least you may have pointed some good things with my standing.. huhuhuhu), there’s still hope. Duh, as if Noggy had seen all of our hardships, “sunog-kilay” moments and most of all, our zombie stance… I still need to convince that having a grade of five doesn’t mean you’re a failure or a dimwit. Pfft.

But as what had Chippy had told me a few hours ago, Noggy would approve all of our scholarships because siya pa rin ang mawawalan ng suporta if he disqualifies some of his ‘loyal’ supporters. Duh, feeler. Buot-buot.

Anyhow, I’m talking about this bullcrap again.

Have to get back to work. Pronto.

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