Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funny News

Headlines nowadays are becoming funny and eccentric. News such as this in Singapore had made its way to instant fame a few weeks ago: A man’s penis has been literally severed due to a vehicular accident. The reason behind the demise of his manhood? He and his secretary performed oral sex while driving. Karma struck him when he hit on a van and the girl detached his dick from his body. Poor thing. The girl was discovered to have loads of (cum) and blood around her lips. Yuck.

Here’s another one. A woman shot her husband because he fatally shot her chicken in some God-forsaken town northwest of Eugene, Oregon. Police are sure the woman intended to shoot the man because she was pissed when he shot her pet chicken. They filed charges against her for assault. They're not sure whether the man intended to shoot the chicken. No charges were reportedly brought against him. He used a handgun but she pulled out her full-blown rifle in reply. He shot the chicken straight up - from the front. She shot him in the back!

And yesterday, a weird headline had caught my attention. The sexy actress who starred in the famous sex scandal filed a rape case against her fellow star, the pervert, crazy doctor. She claimed that she was raped and she was the victim and the doctor was the bad guy. Errr, girl, how can I assess it as “rape”? Even if I’m not a judge, I won’t consider it as rape. Or should I define rape for you girl? You moaned so loud when the doctor caressed your fake boobs and doing the finger job on your pussy simultaneously. He even licked it when he got bored five minutes later. Uggh. Sorry If I sound obscene on this entry, but I can’t help it. Her claims were funny and out of this world!

The gods, goddesses and demigods must be crazy. Shoot.

Oh yeah, I find Enrile and Pimentel’s word fight on the senate yesterday to be weird too. Tae, para silang mga immature na bata. Ano ba yan. Habang tumatanda, mas lalong naging immature ang pag-uugali. Tsk. >:|

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