Saturday, May 30, 2009

Five Pinoy Expressions

Expression has been a part of every one’s life. Imagine life without expressions. A simple sting of the bee can be attributed by a simple “Ouch!” Life would be more complicated if one says, “Oh no, I have been stung by a bee!” See the differences? Whether if it’s used in excitement or profanity, expressions enhance emotions to certain situations. Here are the five frequently used Pinoy expressions.

Number 5. “Duh…WHATEVER”

Man says fuck while girls say WHATEVER. This is a common expression used either when one finds a joke to be corny or when one finds a situation nonsense.


Boy: Huy, may joke ako… sino ang papa ni Majin Boo?
Girl: Sino?
Girl: Err, duh, Whatever…

Number 4. “Benta!!!”

This expression is used when one finds a joke to be extremely funny.

Example: Dude, nakita mo yung parody ni Nanay Dionesia sa Banana Split? Potek BENTA nyun!

Number 3. “Sabaw!”

Sabaw is commonly used in school particularly after an exam or when one is deprived from sleep.

“Shet, nasasabaw na utak ko, lintik na Philo long exam na yan”.

Number 2. “Pag sure oi”

This expression is very popular on Cebu, Davao and other places that speak the Visayan dialect. In English, it literally means, “please be sure about it”. I don’t know the origin of this context but I’m pretty sure that this expression is very popular.


Dodong: “Huuy ‘day, kalibangon baya ko!!!”
Inday: “Pag sure oi!!!”

Number 1. “Putang Ina/ ‘Tang Ina/ ‘Tang Ina mo rin!”

The ultimate pinoy expression. It is originally used when someone’s extremely angry or frustrated. But somehow, it became a part of every Pinoy’s situation. It can be used to different situations ranging from extreme joy to extreme madness.


(Extreme Joy)
‘Tang ina dude!!! PASA AKO SA BIOCHEM!!! WOOHOO!

‘Tang ina pare, layuan mo misis ko kundi, papatayin kita!!! (Parang teleserye lang naman)

(normal conversation)
Oh c’mon, baha nanaman sa Espanya… ‘Tang ina.

Or better yet, it can be used as an MMDA sign:



  1. fcuk. so funny! hahaha. tangena. =D

  2. Oi, in real life talaga yang MMDA sign? Really? F**k! Pag sure Renzy oi!

  3. hmm. dile cguro tita jei oi! kahadlok :))))