Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie Review: T2 (Pssssst)

“Sabihin mo sa akin, sino sila?” “MGA ENGKANTO!” “Pssst!”

I always hear this trailer on TV. Directed by the talented Chito S. Roño, this horror flick reflects on to Filipino’s culture and ingenuity. It shows how artistic and how imaginative Filipinos are when it comes to literature, particularly when we delve on different classical folklores and tales. Some of which may be true base on eyewitnesses’ accounts while some are just impossible to believe at.

The story revolves only to the two main characters with a few minor characters that add color to the storyline. I think it was a great idea to focus only on to the main characters since people won’t be confused while watching flick. With a few touches of colorful flashbacks from the main character, I think the storyline wasn’t bad at all. Another compelling thing about the movie is the cinematography and the visual effects. I really commend the “rat” special effects because I thought it was real. I had goose bumps, upon seeing those millions of rats crawling on Maricel Soriano’s body.

Overall, the movie wasn’t that SCARY, but rather what made this movie scary were numerous “surprising scenes”- scenes that intentionally focus on one character and then all of the sudden, another character of the movie appears on the screen accompanied by a frightening sound. Speaking of the characters of the movie, I thought of the acting to be good and natural. Maricel Soriano is still the Diamond Star. Mika dela Cruz is going to be the most promising young actress of the Philippine television in the near future. Elias’ (Eric Fructuoso) character is funny. All other characters portrayed their roles well, at least.

I consider this as a true horror movie because:

One, real horror movies do not need knives, chainsaws, and other scary thingamajigs.

Two, real horror movies do not need to have flying decapitated heads, mutilated fingers and toes or raging rivers of blood.

Third, real horror movies do not need to have sex scenes before the character dies from a morbid death.

Well, just sharing my insights about it.

Feng Shui was scary, Sukob was predictable yet creative and T2 was surreal. Kudos to the production team of Direk Chito S. Roño!

“I do believe in engkantos, I do, I do!”

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  1. the only thing that I liked in the movie was that you can actually relate to the "enkanto stories" these were the exact stories that I've heard from my grandparents and cousins in the provinces...and this is why, for some reason, i didn't find the plot ridiculous or corny.