Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheaters Rot in Hell.

At all times we hear news about cheaters on different forms of mass media; radio, newspapers, tv, you name it.

They often ring a bell to us. Every one of us has the capability of being a cheater. For instances, it comes with a vast array of groups such as the simple cheater, the big time cheater, the two timer, the political cheater and the list goes on and on and on. Apparently, nobody really admires the works of a cheater. But incongruously we love being a cheater. We love to cheat.

Why do people cheat in the first place? Obviously they want to attain their goals in an illegal way. Apparently, they just want to take the easy road and use to have this mentality that challenges aren’t necessary. We may be successful with our plans but the the art of learning isn’t there. We may not accept this kind of ordeal in our society but surely it can’t be totally eradicated by any possible forces. Prohibitions of this illegal act were being ratified on several agencies, administrations and schools, but we cannot totally accuse a person unless he is caught in the act. Cheating is an illicit behavior and mustn’t be practiced at all. Sometimes it can affect economy of our country as well as its standing indirectly. As we all know, it can be a powerful tool, no matter what. It can start on small things. Little by little it will amalgamate and an imminent disaster will take place.

I won’t be a hypocrite, telling every one that cheating is bad. I myself enjoy this unhealthy behavior a few years back, most especially in my high school life. Peer pressure is one of the reasons on why I cheat. If I don’t cheat then I lose friends. Wow, talking about gaining “true friends”. Even those bullies, I was the apple of their eyes during the finals. I couldn’t forget the look of their faces when they need my answers, pleading as if they haven’t eaten for three weeks. Sometimes, we use this method called “silent communication”. We just follow one simple rule: Give me the answers and I’ll provide you with my answers as well. In simple Biology, this can be a perfect example of mutualism, where each organisms benefit from each other. I’m getting tired of having bees and flowers as an example for this kind relationship. I thought it was an exciting adventure, but no, if I cheat, I didn’t learn a lot from it. What’s the sense of writing an answer if you really don’t understand it? Obviously, we really want to pass. After graduation, guilt and conscience slowly exits from your body and makes you realize that cheating is really bad and there’s nothing to be proud of if success was derived from it. Likewise, we often deem those people who didn’t catch us as stupid, dimwitted and foolish. But the truth is we are fooling ourselves when we cheat.

When someone cheats on you, it means another thing. It creates a total distraction and it somehow degrades your own self. When you’re cheated by somebody, you feel like you’re the most stupid person to have existed on this planet.

I was cheated by those monkey-looking freaks just moments ago.

Two of my cousins from the maternal side visited us and wanted to have dinner. We already finished eating our dinner and thus the quick solution for it was to pick up the phone, dial the number and order a viand. I ordered buttered chicken because my cousin likes it so much. After 20 minutes, the order had arrived. Mom gave me three paper bills (two 20 peso bills, one fifty peso bill) and a five peso coin. The chicken costs 95 bucks, for your information. Then I went outside the house gave the money and the delivery boy handed me the order. I was about to enter our house when the crook claimed that he only have forty five pesos on his dirty hands. I was quite confused because I remembered that I gave him the exact amount. So I asked mom if she really gave me the fifty peso bill. She said she already gave the money to me. So I politely asked him whether he saw a fifty-peso bill on the floor or not. I was about to finish my question when he immediately blurted out that he didn’t see any fifty peso bill lying on the ground. I was quite suspicious with his reply. So I chose not to argue anymore and eventually gave another fifty pesos from my wallet. And then he thanked me as if I gave him a tip. Then he went off together with his partner.

So why did I choose NOT to argue? For obvious reasons, I won’t settle for a big issue on just a fairly small amount. But apart from that reason, I chose to be silent and let this feeling pass through since I really hate arguing; that’s my weakness. But I have to admit that the dishonesty of these mongrels made me realize that I was prone and susceptible of being cheated; a gullible one. I may be suspicious but I still continue with the routine.

50 pesos seems to be a small amount, but the dishonesty of these two scoundrels cost half of my dignity. At that time I felt stupid.

And for the two of you, yes, you two monkeys should enjoy my “unintentional” tip.

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